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Got a WIndows, Android application running? Boost its revenue or exchange the ADs.

Boost income with app monetization GlobalHop SDK:

  • Request your withdrawals by yourself;
  • Get profit without subscriptions, in-app ads & purchases;
  • No shady permissions required;
  • No personal user data is collected – GDPR safe;
  • Works in the background and use a free resource of the device.
Extra Revenue: Generate extra income without increasing the level of in-app advertising. Globalhop SDK is compatible with other app monetization formats.

Earn Money from Day One: With GlobalHop SDK, you can monetize your app users’ idle resources and earn substantial amounts of additional revenue from day one.

Seamless Monetization: The more active users your app has, the more you earn. In the Developers Console, you can also see user breakdown by geo-location and use this data to plan and optimize your ad campaigns.


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