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☑️NEW Get 0.05 ($25) YYFI Round 2 • Listed on Vindax & Dcoin


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Mar 22, 2020
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🔎 YYFI Protocol Round 2 ~ 0.05 YYFI ($25)​


Price : 1 YYFI ($500)
Exchange : Vindax, Dcoin
Ref Bonus : 0.005 YYFI
Total Supply : 47,000 YYFI

👉 Link to the Airdrop 👈

📜 Mandatory Task (Step-by-step Guide):
🔹Pass Captcha
🔹Join our Telegram
🔹Follow our Twitter and Retweet
🔹Subscribe their Youtube
🔹Submit your ETH address (Erc20)

⚠️ Note:
Finish all airdrop tasks properly.

🏦 Airdrop distribution date:
YYFI second round of airdrop rewards will be distributed on January 10, 2020. Distribute tokens according to the number of participant and the final distribution number is determined by the team
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