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JOURNEY From £0 to £10k Month - The Ultimate Referral Marketing Journey


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Sep 3, 2019
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Hi. My name is Steven and despite my username - I'm unfortunately not a millionaire. But, I will be.

Did you know there are 100s of bloggers earning 7 figures a year? I'm going to become one of them.

Why am I so confident? I'm growing at 100x the rate many successful bloggers did in the first few months or even years. My only potential barrier is losing motivation. So, here's a thread so you can all call me out if I'm not making progress.

The first step is £0-1k/month. From there, £0-10k a month. But, why name the thread £0-£10k? I already achieved over £1k a month last year with a journey thread on another forum when I was doing CPA marketing with OGAds. (Proof)

How am I going to reach this goal?

Easy! (Sort of).

I'm going to work on a blog dedicated to making money. Yes, this is an over-crowded niche. Which is why my aim isn't to put out 20 articles a week. My aim is to produce 7000+ word articles and become the name in online money making in 2020 - it's going to take years to fully populate my blog with articles though.

Stage 1 - Email List Growing

Most bloggers create their blog and slowly build up their email list. Instead of this, I'm growing my email list whilst working on my blog. How? I've created a free 24,000 word, 124 page eBook: '100 Ways to Earn Money Online in 2019' and then I've been mass promoting it. And when I mean mass. I mean mass.

So, I must've spent a lot of money on advertising right?

Nope. $0 ad spend.

Rather than send my business into minus $xxxx profits, I've utilised free promotion. Forums, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Quora.

I've been doing this for almost 7 days.

I now have 220 email subscribers to my blog. This is good. It isn't enough, I want 1000, quickly.

So, what's next for me?

I'm going to continue growing the number of forums, Facebook groups, sub-reddits and Quora answers my eBook is shared in whilst engaging in a few other promotional methods. I'm going to be trying physical marketing. I'm a university student, students need money. So, I'm going to print out flyers advertising my eBook and put them in the pigeon holes of a lot, I mean a lot of students. Let's hope my uni doesn't ban me for spam. ;)

Moreover, I'm currently guest blogging at various sites to try and improve my reach and create long-term backlinks to my eBook so hopefully people will be reading it in 2020 (I'll be making a new version and updating my LP for 2020). Guest blogging will also create positive long-term brand signals.

Another method of promotion I'm looking to try is Instagram. I have around 30k followers between my accounts in total. They're not all niche relevant. However, I only need 800 more subscribers to reach my goal. That means only 2.6% of my followers need to convert in subscribers.

Once I've reached 1000. I need to bring out at least 20 extremely high quality articles before I bother emailing them - content is key. When I do email them, if I only convert 10% into readers that's still 100 more than most new blogs start off with.

Stage 2 - Content, Content, SEO
This stage shall be running contemporaneously with stage 1. Doing both at once is very, very tiring work. :Sleep:

But, it shall be worth it. Who doesn't want £120k/year from a blog?

This stage will be focusing on generating content for my blog whilst maintaining perfect SEO standards. (I'm sad right now because I migrated hosting for faster performance but am experiencing https errors post-migration which could hurt my SEO :confused:)

In order to achieve this I've:
  • chosen a lightweight, mobile-friendly theme.​
  • enabled AMP to make Google and mobile users happy.​
  • ensured I have lengthy keywords in order to utilise long-tail keywords.​
  • made my site, very, very fast (see the screenshot below to see how fast my site was on tests).​
  • been building up HQ backlinks from the get-go.​
  • ran many different SEO audits and corrected issues.​

Now, it's all about content, content and more - content.

Each article will take me 2-4 days to complete because I'm ensuring I have the best article available on that topic (and the longest).

Whilst making an article is really good for SEO, it's not always good for user experience and retention. Which is why I'm attempting to (if you haven't noticed) improve my conversational tone of writing in order to keep the attention of readers. Also, my first article is broken up into many sections so readers can skim through to find the parts they're most interested in.

Once this stage is over I'll have 20+ articles published and near-perfect SEO. Then, we can plan stage 3.

Want to see the blog for yourself?

Constructive criticism is massively appreciated.


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Sep 3, 2019
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Hi, it's been a few days. I had many, many hosting issues. I detest GoDaddy and have eventually moved over to Green Geeks in order to get better site performance, not have my site held hostage until I give in to upselling and to make my site even more environmentally conscious.

In light of recent hosting issues, I've written a new article: 10 Reasons You Shouldn't Use GoDaddy Hosting.

I've also managed to get site speed up to a perfect 100/100. Thanks new hosting and new caching plugin.

In other news, our free eBook has landed us our first $20 guaranteed, locked in affiliate earnings. It's nothing much but it's a good start. I have quite a lot of affiliate signups to various sites too, nothing has come of that yet though.
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