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ANNOUNCEMENT First Referral Contest on BMF = 55,000 BMF Coins

Discussion in 'Support & Announcements' started by Mr. B, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Mr. B

    Mr. B Administrator Staff Member

    BMF Coins:
    :Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup:This Is THE First Referral Contest on BeerMoneyForum.com :Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup:
    :Greedy:Greedy:GreedyTotal Prize = 55,000 BMF Coins:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy

    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 1st Prize = 10,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 2nd Prize = 9,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 3rd Prize = 8,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 4th Prize = 7,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 5th Prize = 6,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 6th Prize = 5,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 7th Prize = 4,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy 8th Prize = 3,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy:Greedy 9th Prize = 2,000 BMF Coins :Greedy:Greedy
    :Greedy 10th Prize = 1,000 BMF Coins :Greedy

    Where is my referral link and where can I promote it? HERE MORE INFO!

    Do I also get 500 BMF Coins Bonus per referral?
    Yes, when your referral makes 50 posts you also get the bonus.

    Contest end date: 31 August, 2017 :Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup::Thumbsup:

    Good luck BMFers! :Kiss::Kiss::Kiss::Kiss::Kiss::Kiss:
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