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Hello my name is Donald and I need some urgent help... i have a website hosted at go daddy started working on 6 months ago and I had just installed google ads and I'm still waiting to get my first 100usd. However I have faced some challenges to renew my wordpress hosting, my PayPal is said to be having some insufficient funds.. would you help me I have 4$ in my perfectmoney account and can't exchange it because of the rates.

Would you help me by sending me PayPal and I send you perfect money... I can do the transaction first if you don't trust me

I'm just so stuck please help me if I don't renew now I'm going to lose my website and it's getting me about 18 000 monthly traffic and I worked so hard on it... If it's okay you can send me your perfect money account I'm not sure what time I'm going to lose my item since yesterday was the last day but I still have access to it


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