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☑️NEW Ethereum Capital Reviws: SCAM OR LEGIT?


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Mar 26, 2018
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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for putting this in the HYIP forum, there was nowhere else to place it but calling it a HYIP doesn't do it justice.
HYIPs are notorious for being scams, or pyramid schemes. Neither is possible with respect to Ethereum Capital.
As an Ethereum Smart Contract, it cannot be altered, changed, or removed, even by its creator. As it is entirely immune to alteration, it cannot be changed to become less favorable to the user, or disappear with your money; that consistency making it impossible to become a scam.
As for whether or not it is a Pyramid Scheme, technically it does operate on similar principles but the people at the bottom are not being preyed upon by the people at the top as the people at the bottom earn from those at the top too. Even if you are the absolutely last person to sign up and everyone else pulls out, you aren't screwed, you are rich because you just earned 10% of all of those withdrawals. Under this system, there are only three ways to lose:
1. You fall prey to a phishing scam and give someone else access to your Metamask Wallet.
2. You lose access to your own Metamask Wallet by not having it properly backed up and the device it is located on is destroyed.
3. You choose to withdraw your money before it has turned a profit.
As you can probably tell, those sole possibilities of losing under Ethereum Capital all rely on one thing: user error.
As long as you do not make a mistake, it is impossible not to make a profit with Ethereum Capital.
I'll say that again for the sake of emphasis:


Now that we have all of that out of the way, what exactly is Ethereum Capital and how do we earn from it?
Ethereum Capital is an Ethereum-based Smart Contract. The contract itself has nothing to do with the webpage and exists entirely independently of it. It cannot simply disappear one day and can even be viewed on other pages such as Ethereum Gold, Gold Chip, and
Those pages are just the means of viewing the smart contract. The contract will exist as long as the Ethereum Chain itself exists, even if those pages are all taken down, the contract will continue and you will keep earning from it.
Whenever you deposit your Ethereum, 10% of the sum is taken from you and distributed to everyone else using the contract with results proportionate to their investment. When you withdraw your Ethereum, another 10% is withdrawn and distributed the same. The end result is that your investment is effectively lowered by 20% just by using the contract, but you gain about 0.1% of your initial investment back every day due to everyone else's investments and withdrawals. After about 200 days invested, you are at the break-even point and everything after that moment is pure profit.
The best part of the above is that is assuming the price of Ethereum remains constant, which is very unlikely to say the least. Ethereum has always trended upwards and will continue to do so. Just by holding it for 200 days, you will make some serious profit even before including your gains from Ethereum Capital. Ethereum Capital's 10% withdrawal fee acts as the perfect incentive to keep your money invested, holding it for greater profits than your weak hands might ordinarily allow, if you just held Ethereum without investing it in the Smart Contract.
To get involved, just follow these steps:

1. Buy some Ethereum.
This is probably the hardest step for newcomers to crypto, and not one that I can help a lot with as every country has their own exchange and I obviously have no idea what country you are from. If you are from Australia like me, then Independent Reserve is an excellent choice and the one I use. If you are from elsewhere, Binance is probably your best bet. If your country isn't supported by Binance, then you are just going to have to google the words "crypto", "exchange" and whatever your country is and find your own way of buying Ethereum.
2. Get yourself a Metamask Wallet.
This step is fairly simple. Just install that extension to your browser and sign up. Make sure you securely keep a copy of your key words on some paper somewhere (not on a device that can be hacked) so you can regain access should the device you installed it on become lost to you. Once you have your wallet, just send the Ethereum you bought to its address.
3. Go to Ethereum Capital (Or Ethereum Gold, or Gold Chip, or and invest!
Another simple step that can be accomplished in a couple of clicks. Just go to the page, click the button to link your Metamask wallet to it, then click invest! Your Metamask will be given a transaction to complete and all you have to do is accept it. Just be sure to not try and invest all of your Eth as you will need some of it to pay for the transaction.
4. Just sit back and get rich.
This right here is the step that makes it all worthwhile. As I explained earlier, there is literally no real way to lose unless you choose to. Just make sure you stay invested for those 200 days or however long it takes you to get +20% and everything after that point is pure profit (or even less than +20% if the price of Eth itself has gone up in that time, which is extremely likely). However the longer you leave it in there, the more profitable it will be. I intend to leave my investments in my account forever, while reinvesting the profits. I'd recommend that you do the same.
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