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Jobs EASY 200BMF just for signing up and verifying email. LIMiTED HURRY!


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BlockStamp is a blockchain-based gambling protocol, which features several games. Protect's cooperation between trustless parties at the gambling market like casino operators and players eliminates the need for trust between industry participants and brings increased transparency to the gambling ecosystem as a consequence of blockchain technology. BST Token is being traded at Crex24 Exchange.

BlockStamp Airdrop is worth up to 50 BST tokens (~$ 15). Share your referral link to earn up to 6 BST tokens (~$ 1.5) for every referral.

1. Click this link:
2. Create your BST wallet address here:
3. Verify email sent to your email address
4. Do one task. ANY one task will do.
5. Send me a screenshot of the email sent and I will send you the 200 BMF.

6. If you are into crypto, then you would want to complete all tasks possible but if not, you can simply do steps 1-3 for the 100 BMF
7. Secret Code is Timestamping
8. Answers to the quiz are below. Again, it is not mandatory to do ALL TASK to get the 100 BMF, you can do it if you are interested though. You will get your BST into your BTS wallet address.
*QUIZ's Answers

1. What are some use cases for timestamping?
-confirming transfer of ownership

2. What is was the first application of BlockStamp tech and how it's called?
-blockchain based casino, called 'Blockchain Games'

3. How our partner project where you can pay with BST is called and what kind of services it provides?
-Hprox, which provides a reliable proxy

4. Where you can trade BST?

5. When does the BlockStamp ICO starts?
-BlockStamp hasn't got and are currently not planning an ICO

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