LEGIT dogeads.top Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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I want to present a new website where you can click ads and earn Dogecoins. The website is similar with adbtc.top

They have two ways to earn:
-Surf Ads
-Doge Link Ads

Right now are 32 Sites Available and you can earn 9.7199999478459 DOGE.

Advertise Service:
You have two options Surf and Doge links

Surf Ads:
You can start your own ads with just 0.2 Doge in balance, you also have posibility to set who view your ads by rating:

The Rating is calculated this way:
==> For every 1 ADS surfing + 0.1 points
==> For every every new referral +0.15 points
==> For every Deposit + 1 point
==> For every Deposit by your referrals +1 point
==> For every 1 Doge Withdraw +0.005 point
Advertisers can filter visitors in surfing by rating, for example, you can display a link only to users with a rating of 1 or higher.

Doge Links:
You can start your own ads with just 0.25 Doge (these ads will display in an iframe)

Referrals Comission:
7% from each deposit
10% from Surfing and doge links ads

Minimum deposit/withdraw is 500 Doge
The payments will make manual in your Dogecoin wallet or Faucet hub

Join Now : https://dogeads.top/?ref=PipsNetwork


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I checked the website and it looks pretty good but I was unable to find any FAQ's and the terms of service aren't any detailed as well. There is no option to check if how many ads they provide daily. Can someone share if how many Advertisements we can expect to receive in a day?


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The minimum cashout was reduced to 200 Doge.
Tomorrow i will request a payment.

You can earn easy 5 doge from the current ads,also from the talk with the admin in live chat more earning way will comme in short time.


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Can You post screenshot with your current balance?;)
Almost 9 Dogecoins (8,24 Dogecoins.
Take a good look at the Menu on the left.
You have two earning methods:
You will earn a lot more from Doge Links, even if it takes a little bit more time.
It reminds me of Traffic Monsoon, if you know that PTC website.
Here is my referral link, if you want to help me and my Print Screen.
Glad for reducing the minimum to 200 Dogecoin.


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Yes Sherlock,
This planet is very thankful to have you.
I registered and I posted immediately my link here, hoping to make 9 Dogecoins as admin said.
Take a look down.
They say that you will make 12 Dogecoins.
So, who lied?
Me or the admin of this website?
OK Jacks12 aka Sherlock???
Sick & tired of idiots...


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The home page contains all ADS from the system, included ads with high rating like (rating hight than 1,10,50,100 ) , this is the reason because the system display 12.7 doge in this moment.
Also, we have little advertisers who deposit 20-30 doge in the account (so first people who watch the ads get also reward)
So if you have time for hunt ads you will always earn better than a normal user who come just one day for watch the ads.

p.s: when you create one surf ads have a option to chose between members points (so you can check the ads to display for members with hight rank or display for all members)

Right now is a hight doge link of 0.62Doge.

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