NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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DLive is a streaming site not unlike Twitch except for the fact that it pays in a CryptoCurrency which is called Steem (or at least based of it. They call it Lino points but other websites say Steem). Anyways, it is allegedly part of the fastest blockchain in the world, giving users fast payouts.


DLive also has a merc store for those of you who want to buy Mercs to support DLive. They sell shirts, pillows, mugs, and basically anything you might see in a normal merc shop.

Streamers get paid based on user upvotes and sometimes (Often actually), DLive Employees will watch your video and give you Lino based off of how much they like your videos.
NOW HERE IS THE WEIRD PART: You earn money based off the amount of Lino your voters have, so you can have this 1 buff voter and beat someone with 100 small voters (talking about unfair :eek:).

To stream with DLive, one who needs a Steem account via Steemit but this process may take a lot of time...
You can register at and get a Steem account for around 10 STEEM.

After you do get a STEEMit account, you can start streaming via your private key that you got from STEEM. When you register, you will get a master key, active key, posting key and memo key. They all have different name and therefore serve different purposes.

To those who don't know how much STEEM is worth, 1 STEEM is equivalent to $0.495288 USD

New members get 1 free Lino to give to any streamer they like. Additional Lino can be purchased at the following prices:
  1. 88 Lino for $1.40
  2. 288 Lino for $3.67
  3. 688 Lino for $8.81
  4. 1188 Lino for $15.00
  5. 2888 Lino for $36.00
  6. 7888 Lino for $97.80
In conclusion, this website should be an alternative to Twitch but I don't believe that it pays as much compared to Twitch.

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