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SUPPORT Couple mins of senior members pls.

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Apr 16, 2020
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whats up! Guys

First of all Thank you to all senior members in the "LEGIT OR SCAM FORUM!" for Trying the site and placing your proof it save a lot of time for me!😍 I earned almost 10$ to the new sites that have a legit tag. all i do is to post the new sites in facebook groups to earn referrals and surprisingly i gained alot.

thanks to this beermoneyForum i discovered my hidden talent " Inviting people" LoL I can Earn 20-50 referrals perday

So i've been thinking if i invited people Here i will Earn 1$ per 1 active person ? right ?. Thats VERY NICE! But before i do that I would like to be familiarize with the do's and dont have some questions.

1. Every when is the withdrawal?

2. i see some people get mad because their post got deleted how's that happen?

3.can i speak or post diferrent language here?

4. How to have awards or title i see alot of people with "emerald member" how can i become like that?

5. I posted a thread and earn 0 points why?

6. Ive been replying some thread with Nice, I'l try it, can someone send some proof and etc . is that a spam?

more and more questions

Thank you for your time!
Much love 😍🤗
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Mar 24, 2016
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1 - cashout date is 25th of each month, but we pay in 48h or less usually.
2 - they post trash, here what trash is considered
3 - only english is allowed
4 - you need to be more active
5 - most likely you posted in MAKE MONE FORUM section which is non paid
6 - if people already shared a proof there and you still asking for proof is trash post, if comment is short people sometimes false report thiking you after points but you don't get point for short replies like that

Here i will Earn 1$ per 1 active person ?
What is a referral?
A referral is a person you have referred (invited) to join BMF.
How much I earn per referral?
For each valid referral you will earn 1000 BMF Coins = $1 USD.
Why I don't get the bonus after inviting a friend?
A referral must be valid before you get bonus, when they publish 100 messages they are valid.

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