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Mar 24, 2016
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Coinomi is a digital cryptocurrency wallet which is used for securely storing, managing and transacting multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc all at once. Coinomi started it live back in 2014 and currently support over 500 digital currencies.

Currently, coinomi is available for Android and iOS with desktop versions coming soon.

1. Security First: When it comes to security, coinomi is one of the most secure wallet available for mobile. All user credentials are securely stored on user's device and users can easily lock their wallet using either password or pattern lock.
2. Support All Major Cryptocurrency: Coinomi Support a very large collection of cryptocurrency and ERC20 tokens with more been added on timely bases. Users can also add unsupported ERC20 token manually to the wallet.
3. Built In Exchange Support: Coinomi currently support shapeshift and changelly exchange built in, which enable users to easily exchange their coins/token directly in the app.
4. Multiple Exchange Rate Support: You can basically setup the wallet to display prices in your local currency, with over 150 currencies currently supported.
5. Clean Interface: The app is very clean and responsive. Comes with light and dark theme to suit your need.
6. Ability To Set Default Transaction Fee: This is something that is missing from other wallet i have used.
7. Active Support: The Coinomi team are very active on their social media platforms and are willing to help users with issues.

1. Not A Newbie Wallet: While a beginner can easily use this wallet without issues, some newbies have problem cause unlike some other wallets, tokens and coins are two clearly separated entities in the wallet and a newbie who doesn't know the difference might end up being confused. Personally, i had a hard time explaining to a newbie on how to add Avinoc token.
2. Not Easy To Migrate: A novice might really find it difficult to migrate his/her wallet to another app cause wallet private key have to be manually generated by a users. This might be due to security reasons but in my own opinion, this can be simplified.
3. Does not support running multiple wallet simultaneously.

Without any doubt, coinomi is a one of the most secure wallet but if as a newbie you find it difficult to use, i suggest trying other wallet like IMToken, Trust etc which are quite easy to use.
What I really also love about coinomi is their Airdrops and giveaways. They usually partner with new supported coin/token and giveaway a certain amount of the coin/token to lucky winners. To participate in their giveaways just follow them on thier social platform to get notified.

What's your experience with this crypto wallet? share it
I love coinomi wallet....
It is easy to use+support major cryptocurrency so you have all your favorite Cryptocurrencies in one wallet+you can use it on smartphones+low transaction fees...
So go and use coinomi.....
I watch a tutorial about this wallet I think from the marketplace and the review was positive. I think it legit and as cheaper fees.I'm thinking of porting to the site because of it low fees but I need to be sure it very secure.
I will say that coinomi is one of the safest wallets. You can have all your coins in one place. For security purposes, your wallet I.d is changed whenever a transaction is made tho the old I.d remains active. The unique recovery phrase makes it impossible for just anyone to access your account. I've been using coinomi since May 2017 without any hassle. I see it as Legit.
This is nice , i will try to get the wallet esecially that it can save tokens cos myethereum wallet is givem headache all this while i tried creating it
Just download it from play store and very important: make sure you save your recovery phrase as you'll always need it to recover your account or process some transactions. If you loose it, that's a lot lost.
Just download it from play store and very important: make sure you save your recovery phrase as you'll always need it to recover your account or process some transactions. If you loose it, that's a lot lost.
You are right , the easiet way is to save the recovery phrases and passwords in different places both in soft copy format and hard copy format , with this you will be safe to an extent
Using it for quite a while now. Can definitely recommend this wallet.
Very nice that I can use it on mobile. The added benefit of having a lot of coins in one wallet, and being able to quickly send and receive them is great.
Only con I found is that it tries to generate a new address every time you launch the application, but you can turn that off in settings. (You can still receive payments on old addresses).
Also pretty cool is that you have a dashboard on which you can see all the coins and the total balance of your wallet in USD.
Coinomi is my go to wallet. The Shapeshift integration is reason alone to use it, in my book. I keep 10-15 different alts in it at any one time. They just added Decred and a dark theme the other day.
I opened a coinomi wallet a few weeks back but delayed in saving my recovery phrase. I finally did to my yahoomail and thought all when peachy.

Recently, I was logged out and needed to use the phrase and I did. However I got the response that two words were wrong in the phrase and for the life of me I don't know which two.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Were you able to recover the wallet?

I would very much love to and would appreciate any help as I currently have 293 AVINOC coins (from an airdrop) stuck in there.
I have been using coinomi for a while and it's perfect. Lots of cryptocurrency assets available to store, and good security as you keep your own private keys through a seed phrase. The only disadvantage is that it automatically changes wallet addresses after every transaction, so it's pretty troublesome.
Update: Coinomi has been recently accused of sending private keys to Google as part of a "spell check". Some people have claimed to lose funds, but Coinomi insists that the vulnerability has been patched and the keys were in encrypted form.

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