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We can earn from clixtoyou.com by viewing Advertisements and from PTSU offers.

There is PTC Wall, Medium path wall and My Ads wall as well to help us earn. We can get paid with Perfectmoney, Payeer and Solid trust pay
NEW MoreTvTime Wall
This wall pays you instant satoshi after the tasks completed.

Admin added more 2 payment processors :

Airtm and Neteller.

Clixtoyou have at this moment 7 Payment processors.

Allways at your service.



The website has updated the payment proofs section with some of the payments that they sent to users so the website is paying for now.
I was wondering if they were paying. Glad to see a payment proof by someone here. Ive been working online 15 years i dont trust sites with all those fake payments. But i do trust beer forum payment proofs.. thanks
Bank acount withdraw option.
Fase beta testing

Withdraw your funds from Clixtoyou to your Bank acount.
Please before you withdraw, fill all the info requested.
After you pressing the Bank cashout buttom, open a support ticket.


I wonder if the effort to work on this PTC every day for 8 hours, then for how many months you can earn at least $100 ?

Happy New Year everyone and many worthy PTC projects !!!
We have offerwalls with high paying values. Offers with 10$ 5$ 3$ Is easy earn 100$ in only one month.
Happy New Year you too.
first payment received and the second never came
Your earnings are from Adgem,
You sign up From italy on Clixtoyou, and your adgem offers are made from USA , that we can prove from the IP you used, alsom is proved that you used VPN.
Adgem Still not paying to us, the amount that we have there.Only and if we receiv the adgem earnings we will pay to you.
There is a high risk to we have chargeback on your case.
Because you cheat using VPN.

Best regards
And now that people need not to go anywhere, as in prison? It reminds a totalitarian system and violation of human rights. This is not democratic !!!
Possible sanctions imposed on your site linked to this ?!
In many locales your site is displayed as undesirable...
You still have the opportunity to fix it !
You may have a problem with our website, becuase your acount is supended some time ago, it seems that you have been using autoclicker software and our security system stoped you.
You may like websites that allow cheating , and allow that members using Vpn, Proxys, multiclickers and high referrals profits.
But our site have one simple rule, and that rule is "Honesty " , to members and advertisers!
Upgrade Promotion
Clix Golden 50$ Now 40$ only.
Clix Business 95$ Now 66$ only.
Clix Superior 590$ Now 354$ only.
Clix Ultimate 990$ Now 495$ only.

You have officially been presented with two sanctions warnings that you have not fully corrected. Because of this, your domain has lost its reputation and is in the lower positions of search results. Your site pulls down other sites that were once linked to you. The third warning will be the last!
You are a netwokk cheater and we have proofs of that .Yes lets link this , the admins of other websites need to know that you are scum and is the scum like you that makes the PTC industry down on this days.You are Using multiclicker software on the websites that your on.You are defending VPN and proxys.Advertisers that deposit their money on websites ONLY Will have boots views or not the Geo target that they real want because of cheaters like .You are pathetic with you warnings , this threat Will show or honesty to advertisers and members and the scum you real are.
We reactivate RevenueWall , but we remove MyadWall .
Myadwall only have Paypal as payment option for Publishers, and we do not use paypal.
To our members will not have any effect on payout´s.

Best regards

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