LEGIT Cliquebook Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Congratulations to your payment.I didn't know,that you had to invest to be possible to ask for cash out.It seems that almost Ptc sites are starting to ask for investment in order to make cash out.Did you made profit from your investment?


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The earning schemes are quite ok. However, there is no PayPal as a payment processor. I hope they will include PayPal soon. I would be willign to register and be active every especially I have so much vacant time these days.


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Ever since the shutdown of Payza, I'm not sure if I can't trust those lesser-known payment processors like Payeer and Perfect Money. Better stick to PayPal.


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This is my last payment from Cliquebook. I'm working on this site and the other sites from the same admin since 2 years ago. The only thing I could say is, this is the only "multiple" legit sites that I know it pays without problems. The admin is really, really friendly if you do not cheat or try to make something bad.



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I have just joined Cliquebook and they offer a 10 cent rent referral and another 50 cents for something else (I forgot) for posting on BeerMoneyForums. Hopefully, this site lasts for a long time.

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