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Cheap Ways to Advertise?

Discussion in 'Traffic & Monetization' started by Hades, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Hades

    Hades Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    If you're looking for cheap ways to advertise your small business this article will teach you how to get started.
    cheap ways to advertise.png
    Flyers - very inexpensive way to reach brand awareness, in case you don't have time to go in town and spread flyers to people you can hire 2-3 girls do this job for you. Make sure in that flyer you use one message, add credibility, match your target, create curiosity and you are easy to contact.

    Do know other cheap ways to advertise? Post a reply below. ;)
  2. Hestia

    Hestia Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Promote Your Business on Facebook for FREE
    Create a Facebook page for your business and begin attracting followers, first invite your friends and then ask your friends to invite their friends, it's a little bit difficult till you reach couple thousands likes, keep the page updated, interact in comment section with fans, promote your products. That simple!
  3. Coke

    Coke New Member

    BMF Coins:
    Advertising by e-mails.

    Internet communication has become so popular today in day it seems as if the more traditional forms of correspondence by letters are endangered. Needless to say, there will always be a place in society for the postal system, but emailing is a very fast and convenient way to communicate whether for business or personal reasons. Given that email is a convenient way of communication is not surprising that email advertising has become a feasible way forward for sellers.

    Moreover, people are so resistant to the large number of so-called "spam" email they receive in their mail boxes today that most goes straight to the trash, which is not good news for companies trying to advertise for their products. The email advertising, with mobile phone / text messaging, web display ads like banners and pop-ups and websites that consumers are able to interact with, are a direct form of advertising like the above junk mail. Unfortunately, due to the many forms of direct mail unsolicited these are in danger of falling into the category of spam and filtering.

    On the other hand, a method of direct advertising such as email marketing has the advantage of being a form of communication that can be distributed quickly and in large quantities with the potential to reach a wide audience. Moreover, the seller is able to measure the effectiveness of an ad email looking at the response rate, in other words, how many people responded to email while traditional methods of advertising like print ads is much more difficult to

    One way to overcome the problems associated with advertising and unsolicited e-mail being rejected as spam is to operate on a consensual basis. This is when the seller requests the recipient's permission to send emails. That said, the seller not only wants the consumer to agree to receive email advertising only to read, but in reality respond to this preferably with a purchase.

    The newsletter is a way to get and keep the attention of a container of emails but no particular way to go about using an email newsletter for direct marketing purposes. The underlying concept of the newsletter, regardless of format, is not only the transmission of news, information but also durable also. Now, this may sound like a contradiction in terms because the news by their very nature tend to be current and involve a time restriction of some sort, especially when the news refers to advertising promotions. The concept of "sustainable information", however, suggests that data should be valid for an indefinite period of time.

    Adopting the stance of "sell" in a newsletter that is used in other forms of advertising mail, the temptation to do so should be resisted in favor of the dissemination of information useful and durable as the main purpose of email / newsletter mail marketing is to create a relationship with the consumer maintaining its blatant contrast to the mentality of "force" or direct sales push interest.
  4. explorer

    explorer Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I think forums are excellent platforms to advertise your products or services and most them are free of cost. The best part is that you can have targeted audience from forums. All you have to do is to join a forum that discusses topics related your product or service. Build your reputation there and start advertising your product. It's better to have a blog first and then share the link in forums.

    Signature advertising is also very good for a long term play. But you have to keep a good visibility in the forum. Your reputation also plays a vital role in the success of your forum signature.
  5. Nocturnal Writer

    Nocturnal Writer Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I have read somewhere here that one of the effective means of advertising a product, services or the blog site itself is in forum. I have been tapped for it for I have several blogs to maintain. I have no means of advertising them and I have no penny to pay for the advertising fee.

    My RandomThoughts which is already 5 years in circulation, needs to be promoted. I don't know if it finds a place here. RandomThoughts is a mixed blog hosted in Blogger platform.
  6. rz3300

    rz3300 Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I like the whole flyer idea, and I have to admit that would not have immediately come to mind for me, and I also think that it could stand to be upgraded and that there is some form on online version of a flyer. Of course it is probably called something, and probably something that is somewhat common that I should be able to think of but cannot for some reason. Anyways, those would be a good start for sure.
  7. vinaya

    vinaya Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    You can advertise for free by sharing on facebook and google plus groups. You can also use forums to advertise for cheap. If forums lets you to use signature you can share your links.
  8. remarkabull22

    remarkabull22 Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    You can build social media and get followers and that's all free. Promote on blogs and stuff and forum signatures.

    Get someone with large followings on Fiverr to link your stuff.

    Make a QR code for whatever it is you're promoting, print stickers and go stick them everywhere in the world :p
  9. divinemaredi

    divinemaredi Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    I would just like to ask a question, I believe most of us know what "CPM" is, but apparently, CPM has a number of faults that bother advertisers, regarding their ROI. So something called eCPM was created as an "improved" version of the traditional CPM, and the "e" stands for effective. So I would just like to know how this "effective"CPM operates exactly, thanks in advance!
  10. Lovely

    Lovely Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    There so many ways to advertise cheaply both offline and online

    For offline:Flyer is a good mode of advertising,words of the mouth through friends and families.Through volunteering especially it about a service.door to door sampling and posting of information bill on walls.

    For online the number one bet is social media.you can signup with almost all the social media platform.signup is free and take advantage of it to advertise what it is.

    Blog and forum advantage: This is another avenue for free advertisement.join blogs and forums,there are free.Drop comments while advertising your market.The adverts can be in the signature.

    Open a blog on a free domain blogspot and Wordpress and post your advert and you could include a review about what you're selling

    Use free messaging icon on the different Social media to send peopleprivate mail about the advertised product.
  11. komrad

    komrad Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    flyer is good, but you can add content marketing using authority blogs. If you do it consistently traffics will come itself from organic search engines.
  12. Carmilina

    Carmilina Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    Flyers is a good way to advertise. But also try to tell about your product to a friend, so she can tell to her friends as well. Word of mouth is also a good advertisements and good way to promote your product. Don't limit yourself of ways to advertise it.
  13. Abdul hanan

    Abdul hanan Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Adding friends on Facebook
    or advertising on Facebook groups.
    There are many groups on fACEBOOK WHICH ARE for advertising so you can post your ads their and get traffic but your post need to be attractive.
  14. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Email signatures. They can be an effective way to get traffic too. The amount of people you interact may help increase your traffic. though this method may not always work. but if used properly then it can turn out to be a good method for the advertisement. and it can earn some decent money. but for exposure it cna get clicks 10 out of 50 clicks. so it's a good conversion method there for use.
  15. Ehsan

    Ehsan Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    I guess the best way to advertise is through making your own blog/website and name it the same as the niche e.g. if it’s a weight loss related product you want to promote, name the site as ‘weightlost4ever.com’ or something like that.
    Promote that blog on different social media sites and also optimize it not just for Google but for other search engines as well such as Ask, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex etc.
    Engage the audience in a realistic manner e.g. don’t claim too much about the product or the business you are promoting. Be realistic as much as possible.
  16. Reyah23

    Reyah23 Active Member

    BMF Coins:
    Social media is very indemand now a days. And i believe this is a very best platform for advertising because of their many user you will surely get the exposure you need for your produts or services. And they also offers advertising package for a very reasonable price.
  17. Silvercrypto

    Silvercrypto Well-Known Member

    BMF Coins:
    Mostly all answers is advertising in Facebook and it's free but if i want create a page you will pay and i know it's in cheapest price. I haven't tried to pay the page, but if you will pay it will boost up so many people will go to your page and check what you are promoting...people are always online and easy to them to see what stuffs you are promoting..

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