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If you're new to any programming language and you need to start learning one I will recommend you start your programming journey with learning the C programming language.

C programming language is a great general purpose programming language. The good thing about C programming language is that it is can be grab easily, it is portable and also available in almost all platforms. C programming is one that can be used with different applications which range from software used in creating 3D movies and can also be used in operating systems both for windows and IOS


The C programming is a procedural language meaning list of already set instructions are carried out systematically.
The C programming gives great room to program to be manipulated with the computer hardware.
The C programming language is very efficient
This is an old but yet popular programming language.
-Standard C programs are mostly portable meaning programs written in one system can be used in other systems.
-With C programming, one will understand how programming works and at the same time have a vivid idea of how a computer works as well ..
-The source code used in a system will definitely work in others operating system without any changes to it.
- C programming language is a general purpose one, as such it can be used with various applications which includes editing software that can be used for different applications.

Uses of C programming language

· It can be used for Databases examples are Oracle ,MySQL and Ms SQL server,
· It can be used with the following Operating Systems like, Andriod, and LINUX
· It can be used in embedded systems
· Other uses include being used as print spoolers, Network, drivers and compilers.

-C programming will help one create a mental picture of how a computer works as well as how programinng works as well.
- One will get to know about the freedom C programming offers unlike Java and python
-C programming enables one to write programs that had ordinary seem difficult.
-This is like the lingua fraca of programming. Learning C programming will help you convey your idea in a understanding way to other programs.
- Knowledge gain with this programming will enable one to have good job opportunities
-You can write better programs with C programming language

How to learn C programming language
-Read good programming books on C programming language
-Watch tutorials online
-Do some courses online and some trainings too
-Follow mostly good programming practices


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While I agree that C is a great PL to learn, i don't think it's the best to learn in this current era. C programing language is quite old (over 30years old), just like most language around it age it lacks some features that are required for writing large scalable code. E.g Lack of native OOP support. Personally i would recommend C++ for anyone wishing to get into low level programming with old battle tested PL. (it is important to note that C++ also as it own cons and is not also very beginner friendly).

Finally, we leave in a spoilt generation where they are alot of high level programming languages that compile down to native code e.g NIM, D#, GO etc. So one can easily write native programs without having to deal the lack of native OOP support of C or the lack of native GC in C++.