NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?


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Brave Browser
Brave is new browser developed by Creator of Java Script & CEO of Mozilla Firefox .it's basically a Crypto browser which pay BAT tokens listed on Coinmarketcap and Binance and many more exchanges etc for browsing and referring others.
4-5$ in BAT tokens/download (Active refer only) .
its available for iOS/Android/Mac/Windows etc in every device .
Features ;-

  1. Privacy
  2. Non-treacable
  3. Non-hackable
  4. 8X faster than Chrome .
  5. Will almost all Extension .
  6. Block Every Scripts.
  7. Safety from Trojans,Malware etc.
8)"it blocks each n every ads of sites u visit and saves almost 70% data which u all waste on Sites ".
  1. Simple UI .
  2. Better and light weight .
  3. Very user-friendly (Better than all and open-source .)
its very rapidly growing browser and According to experts it will be better than others in future .
Link ;-


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BMF Tokens
I am currently using the browser. I get 10 tokens which I transfer to one of my account. The 10 tokens have value of 2$ which is not much if you ask me. But those tokens can be worth it if you wish to convert into the bitcoin and make money off that once you have enough hold. I'd suggest join their publisher program too.

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