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ANN Litecoin+ New Update All Info Here

Casino / Exchange / Faucet / Bankroll Investments


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Mar 3, 2020
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LCP: Litecoinplus
Secure, Fast, Sustainable Ecosystem with 51 % Attack Prevention.

The Litecoin+ project is a community driven coin developed by Ty_simon & Spidersbox. Its community is growing daily and coin price is steadily gaining in 2020. This year LCP Core team put together an advertising and marketing group which has been directing community growth and this is shown to have a substantial impact on community loyalty which is important to the strength of the core group. Our project has had time to mature and grow into something beautiful and has grown in popularity. Now Litecoin+ is poised for substantial growth in the near future. Battle hardened with paladin 51, Litecoin+ is ready to defend your crypto holdings from 51 % attacks and bad actors in the crypto space. Currently the ONLY coin with this feature in the world of crypto Litecoin+ has a HUGE advantage over the rest of the alt coin world. Litecoin+ has its internal eyes focused on a top 100 spot and will NEVER stop till we get there and beyond. Using SSL 1.1 for enhanced security and speed Litecoin+ is one in a handful of coins who have achieved this. Bringing a stop to 51 % attacks entirely to the world of crypto is not something you should consider lightly. This is the #1 problem in the world of crypto next to exchange hacks, We give you a tool against this simply by using Litecoin+ the network will protect your coins.

Coin Specifications:
Algorithm Script PoW/PoS Hybrid
Reward .1
Difficulty Retarget Every Block
Total Coin Supply 4,000,000
Mined Confirmations 60
Staked Confirmations 60
Transfer confirmations 6
Block Time 60 Seconds

Version 5.0 Wallet added Paladin51, It's a quick deploy 51% attack defense.

Current rules for Paladin51,

with this rule, we can control whether the network, within a specific range of blocks, accepts PoW or not altogether. If the rule is raised, PoW blocks are rejected by the network, and the node is soon disconnected by the clients,
as the default behavior for invalid PoW found.

RULE_CLOCK_DRIFT: an attack is often carried by advancing the nTime of blocks rapidly mined, so that other nodes are too busy re-organizing the chain,
and creating mini forks. Is not necessarily a dangerous thing, just annoying, cause the users would then need to re-sync the blockchain.By adjusting this value dynamically, we can fine tune it if this is detected by our algorithm.

RULE_POS_PERCENT: possibility to adjust the % of PoS remotely.Not really directly used against the attack, but combined with PoW off under certain conditions, could be used to achieve a drastic increase in PoS mining to sustain the network.

RULE_POW_REWARD: possibility to adjust the absolute reward of PoW mining.
Again, not directly linked, but since we have added PoS dynamic percent, why not adding also PoW absolute reward. It would probably never be used, but it is there.

RULE_BLOCK_TARGET: dynamic block target value (at the moment is 30s).
Could be used also to mitigate an attack situation by diluting slightly the block generation.

RULE_DISABLE_OLD_CLIENTS: essentially is the “PALADIN ACTIVATED” flag, and does a few things internally in the code, among which, enabling PALADIN.

RULE_SUSPEND_SENDING: when this rule/flag is activated, all legitimate wallets will be unable to send coins out.This function is essentially the equivalent of suspending withdraws for Exchanges or mining pools or web wallets when a serious problem is detected, and precautionary, stop them.
Receiving cannot be stopped, but an exchange could check the status of this rule dynamically with the new RPC command “testrule <height> <rule-type>”, in which <height> is the block height to test, and <rule-type> the rule type required to test, in this case 7.
Exchanges could then take immediate actions in case they are receiving coins from some nodes, because legitimate nodes shouldn’t be sending when the rule is on, meaning very likely that the system is being targeted by malicious transactions.

Staking Information:
Litecoin+ offers a great incentive to hold coins for the long term by offering 15 % stake on coins in the desktop wallet. The stake is calculated at 15 % annually but is rewarded on a daily basis. The web wallet offers a 10 % stake annually calculated weekly and paid out every Thursday. The other 5 % the web wallet generates is accumulated for advertising and marketing purposes and for other coin developments and upgrades.



Main Links:

Our website:

Git links:

Social Links:



Other Links:




We have set up an exchange for Litecoin+ as a base currency.



Litecoin+ wallets offer advanced features which include an easy to use built in theme tab on our Windows , Linux and Mac based desktop wallets. The wallet comes packed full with over 107 currently available free to use wallet skins to customize your Litecoin+ experience however you choose! . There is something for everyone in the free wallet skins section we promise you will find a skin for your taste. The wallet comes equipped with a dusting feature , which is an easy to use advanced form of coin control. Dusting will lump together all the small inputs in your wallet and make it more efficient for staking and speeds up the network in the process.

New wallet has been released !
Version, in honor of PALADIN 51. The new features are as above.

The official release link on Git:

Windows 64 bit QT5: https://litecoinplus.co/downloads/litecoinplus-qt.zip
Ubuntu 64 bit QT5 packed: https://litecoinplus.co/downloads/linux-packed.zip

This update is extremely important, if you are not on a PALADIN version already, upgrade as soon as possible before the cutoff block ! We will announce the cutoff block within 2 weeks from now. From that block onward, all nodes running version < v5.0.0.1 will be cut, leading to a PALADIN capable-only network.
wallet ad.jpg

themes explained.jpg


Mining pools:

Mining lcp direct:

There are a series of pools you can straight mine lcp at this can only be done with scrypt hardware. With the recent pow change its much smarter to multiport mine. (we do not recommend mining lcp directly) See #pools channel on discord for the list of pools. If you do not own hardware you can rent it from Mining rig rentals or nice hash.

Multiport Mining:
With the pow mining reward reduction in place now the best way to mine lcp is to use multiport mining for your algorithm on mining dutch mining pool and auto convert your earnings to lcp. You can mine lcp with any algorithm mining dutch supports, just set up your gear on their multiport port, then set lazy mining on to 100 % and set lcp in the pulldown menu.

Mining Dutch:
https://www.mining-dutch.nl/pools/litecoinplus.php (low fee + Merge mining)

https://hash-to-coins.com/index.php ( no fee )

Closing message from the team:
We encourage everyone in the crypto spear to come and see what LCP has to offer. We have a dedicated strong team who tirelessly works to improve LCP core code and wallets. We have an equally strong community marketing team and are always happy to have more community members helping with the project. We have giveaways and bounty’s on our discord server. If you are interested in learning about lcp you can check out the community events and giveaways, Thanks for reading.
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Jul 29, 2019
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This is a very good post because i love to participate in the new cryptocurrencies. Do they have an airdrop currently ongoing?
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