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[ANN] GGC | Global Game Coin | Listed at BitBay.net

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Dec 20, 2019
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GG World Lottery – the biggest game on the planet
The first, licensed online global lottery. The biggest game on the planet with a $100 000 000 minimum guaranteed jackpot available worldwide thanks to local and offshore licenses, and a white label network, powered by White Lotto software.

Global Game Coin (GGC) – Your chance to become a part of our success
Global Game Coin is an ERC20 token, available for trading as BTC/GGC pair at BitBay, EU licensed crypto exchange. Now, GGC brings a pack of bonuses for its holders. At first, we have only planned 1% bonus for each GG World jackpot won, but the success of the project allowed us to reward those who believed in us even more. Thanks to this, the investment in GGC will pay off even faster and bring even greater profits.​

Every token-holder will receive 1$ (paid in ETH) for each GGC token owned, when the GG World Lottery jackpot gets claimed for the first time.


Owning GGC entitles you to receiving a regular bonus, related to GG World ticket sales. The first payout took place on 2019.12.10. Next payout is planned on 2020.01.10.​

All GGC token holders will receive up to 2$ bonus for each token, just for the fact of hodling it. This bonus is related to the forthcoming GG World game, which is set to launch on January/February 2020.

TRNG – True Random Number Generator
A unique on a world-scale solution, ridding the drawing process of any doubts. True Random Number Generator (TRNG) developed by GG International works using a quantum optical process as a source of a truly unpredictable randomness. Combined with the Ethereum blockchain, this creates the most reliable and transparent lottery ever.

Gaming Laboratories International Certification
The system has successfully passed Gaming Laboratories International tests, an authority in the gaming industry and received a certificate for highly-regulated jurisdictions. GLI is a global leader in gaming and lottery solution testing, trusted by regulators in 475 jurisdictions around the world.

WhiteLotto – the best software for lotto websites
WhiteLotto - white label software translated to more than 37 languages for websites offering the world’s most popular lotteries, used by more than a dozen partners of the company. All of the websites will offer the possibility to participate in GG World games, allowing our lotteries to reach millions of players right from the start.

Token name
Token symbol
Token standard
Token address
Circulating supply
12,726,083 GGC

GG Coin is now listed at BitBay.net




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