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I am not sure if there was some issue with the payment system earlier. I tried to request for payout a few days ago but couldn't do so. I tried again yesterday, it worked fine, and I have just received my payment.

I have joined several auto surfing sites, but I think this is the one I really enjoy working with as there aren't much issues or popups while auto surfing, and I have got my payments quickly always.

If you are interested, click and join here: Alexa Master


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I'm running for a minute or two naturally, notice, Unfortunately, currently no website can be shown to you. Below, it explains the options you have to have as many sites displayed as possible. Maximize your income by optimizing your system and installing surf bars!


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that´s strange, i´m running 10 servers all with different ip´s but when i install fluidstack on one server the other server is removed from dashboard, what´s going on?



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So i got paid twice from this site and was curious to continue but now see many say the paynent is refused, can we declare the cause or the site to turn into scam

Noureddine Merradou

I have used the website for over 30 Days , I collected over 62000 Points , around 2 Dollars , 1 dollar is the minimum Paying amount , at first my payment was denied due an error , I opened a ticket , they told me everything is fine and tried again , now the payment was successfully requested , but this was over a week ago , it's been stuck under moderation , I was doubting they are paying money , I contacted them again , but they always
say you will get As soon as possible , THIS WEBSITE MIGHT BE A SCAM , you never know until you try and my experience has been not great

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