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❕NEWS 🔥 ✅ [ANN] ✅ ㄜHacash = Bitcoin DeFi Chain + NFT(Coin) + Layer 2 Solution ✅ NO ICO | NO PRE-MINE


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Feb 25, 2021
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Welcome to the Beginning of Real Money

A fully designed, fair, open and shared cryptocurrency issuance and circulation standard system for modern financial transaction settlement, business, and personal payment services will jointly promote the human economy into an open financial era in the next 100 years.

Hacash believes that although Bitcoin is revolutionary, it is not perfect, especially its “monetary” aspect has a very large shortcoming. Hacash’s mission is not to subvert and replace Bitcoin technically, but to learn from Bitcoin’s “blockchain” and “computing power issuance currency” technology, using the “Austrian Monetary Economics Theory” as the guiding ideology, focusing on expansion, Improve and complete the system’s “monetary” indicators, including BTC to form a complete currency system, and combined with the channel chain settlement network, to promote the large-scale circulation and real-time settlement of encrypted currencies in real personal and commercial payments.

Hacash’s “monetary nature” is reflected in:
1. The fairest and market-oriented currency issuance mechanism;
2. Three different energy levels and heterogeneous commodity currencies: Hacash Diamond(HACD), Bitcoin(transferred), HAC;
3. Channel chain settlement Real-time settlement of large-scale payments through the network;
4. Rich and risk-free conditional payment agreements and multi-party signing contracts to adapt to modern commercial payment circulation;
5. Optional features such as privacy protection, anti-calculation power attacks, and flexible third-party financial services.

If Bitcoin is compared to the original and revolutionary C language in the field of programming languages, then Hacash’s mission is to become C++.

Hacash as Money

Fiat / Gold / Bitcoin / Hacash:

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