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Mr. Scan

May 29, 2024
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✅ We will prepare you everything to advertise with only 5-8% service fee:
✅️ I would like to introduce myself as a long-standing and reputable seller of facebook accounts in the community. With long experience in facebook ads and huge and stable resources such as profile, fanpage (old, bluestick), Business Manager (250, nolimit), personal account (250, 1500, nolimit), invoice account and supporting tools such as Vps, Adspower, Multilogin, Smit ... and setup with good proxy for FB ads: Dedicated Proxy, Residential, (more 100 country, 1 milion ip: US, UK, AU, HK, CN, GER, BRA,...)

⭐️ If your ads account have daily spend limit 25$ , 50$.
⭐️If you want scale your business fast.
⭐️If you want run ads with big budget daily.
⭐️ If you don't want waste your time to prepare ads acc and see it die so fast .


To begin we will follow the following processes
1. You can ask me to set you up for you to check first (profile, bm, account, vps, proxy, ...), after checking, you can refuse or continue working with us.
2. When we validly moderate your campaign, we'll notify you, after which you'll send us a spend + running fee, which is calculated according to the following spend levels
3. As soon as we receive the money, we will send staff to contact and support you during the working process (24/7), the account and tools will be sent to you as soon as initialization is completed, usually it will be about 5-30 minutes

- Profile and Page Strong (Old, 5 Star, Successfully Appealed).(NO FEE Provided ) (Replace INSTANTLY when disabled, quickly change)
- Page blue ticks : provided when customers can spend >10k daily
- Pixel: Create, Setup, hold (with unlimited sharing tool to all account types)
Provide Smart Pixel with many events for customers to use (if needed). Help customers optimize advertising costs with many niches
- Lots of staff to support 24/7. (Each customer has 2 supporters to support day and night)

- We will waive the service fee for your first deposit !!!

- Replace new account if there is a problem (die, do not spend, tax deducted,...)
- You can request a support change if you are not satisfied
- Get a discount if you refer more friends and customers to use our services
- If you are not satisfied or want to stop working, your balance will be refunded in 2-5 business days, after they check and summarize your spending.

- Especially when customers use the service and refer friends, the fee will be reduced for both customers and friends !

- We accept Bank, Crypto (USDT, BTC, ETH,...) Payoneer and others are constantly updated

☎️Telegram: Mr. Scan
☎️ Skype: Mr. Scan


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WELCOME TO Meta Scan Agency

* Our services:

✅ Low fees 5-8%

✅ 24/7 support

✅ Unlimited spending every day

✅ Strong and stable advertising account

✅ Always reserve at least 500 accounts in stock for customers to spend stably

✅ Free: Adspower, Octo browser, VPS

✅ 100% money back guarantee if customers have problems and need to fix them.

=> Contact us via: https://t.me/Mrscan199x

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