1. morri

    ☑️NEW BTC Click Bot - Via Telegram

    Welcome to BTC Click Bot! This bot lets you earn Bitcoin by completing simple tasks. Press 🖥 Visit sites to earn by clicking links Press 🤖 Message bots to earn by talking to bots Press 📣 Join chats to earn by joining chats You can also create your own ads with /newad. You will earn 15% of...
  2. morri

    ☑️NEW LTC Click Bot - Via Telegram

    Welcome to LTC Click Bot! This bot lets you earn Litecoin by completing simple tasks. Press 🖥 Visit sites to earn by clicking links Press 🤖 Message bots to earn by talking to bots Press 📣 Join chats to earn by joining chats You will earn 15% of each user's earnings from tasks, and 1% of LTC...
  3. morri


    Get referrals ⚙️ Join link: 💰 Per Referral 0.00000800 ZEC Share Your referral link to your Friends & earn unlimited ZEC ⚠️ Note Fake, empty or spam users are deleted after checking.
  4. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS Telegram is forced to monetize

    According to statements by Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of this important and well-known chat application in the crypto community will be forced to monetize Telegram because they can no longer support the operating costs and this because the United States Securities Commission ( SEC)...
  5. YungYung

    Sell Subscribers for Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch

    Hi, i sell boost of subscribers for social networks. Telegram 1000 subs = 1.20$ Instagram 1000 subs = 1.40$ Youtube 1000 subs = 3$ Twitch 1000 subs = 1$ PM in site or telegram Thanks
  6. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @trnup_bot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    🚫❌SCAM ALERT❌🚫 Scam bot link: This bot gives insanely high amount of trx everyday as daily bonus, I got 5,000 trx as bonus in a day, but in order to be able to withdraw, you'll need 10 referrals or you need to become a VIP MEMBER by paying them 89 trx. My reason for...
  7. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @ChinaTradingLtdBot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Date Started : December 12th, 2020 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Total Investors : 2939 ✅ Referral Bonus : 5% 💹 You Will Get 200% Profit From Your Deposit After 24 Hours 📥 Minimum Invest : 1 Trx 📤 Minimum Withdraw : 1 Trx 💹 Total Profit : 200% 📊 Investment Will Active For 24 Hours Bot is already 1 day old, can't...
  8. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @CoinTradingLTDProBot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    💳 New: Coin Trading LTD ♐ Status: ✅ Paying 📆 Date Started: Dec 7, 2020 💹 Investment Plan: 💰130% Profit For 1 Days ➕ Minimum Deposit: 5 DOGE ➖ Minimum Withdraw: 10 DOGE 🔁 Minimum Reinvest: 5 DOGE 📛 No Fees: No ✅ Instant Withdrawal/Auto 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 Ref/Bonus: 8% 💰 Payment Method: DOGE 🤖 BotLink...
  9. rengarengo

    Telegram 1,000 Post Views $2 [Max 500K]⚡⚡⚡

    Hello friends. We continue our Telegram services without slowing down. I'm sending a maximum of 500,000 views to your Telegram 1 post. Telegram 1,000 post views: $2 Payment method: BTC Wallet & Payeer
  10. rengarengo

    1,000 Telegram Channel Members $4

    1,000 Telegram channel members for just $4. Payment method: Payeer Members are sent after the payment has been received. You can find information here.
  11. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @Tronbabyadbot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    📆 Date Started: Nov 30, 2020 📅 Date End: Dec 4, 2020 💳 TRX 📊 Investment Plan: 🛒 200% After 24hrs 📜 Minimum Deposit: 10 TRX 📜 Maximum Deposit: 5000 TRX 🚫 No Fees: 💚 Instant Withdrawal 🎉 Ref/Bonus: 25% Legit and trusted admin, this is his second project, first project was Help Hand/Doubler...
  12. ThatStanger


    This bot has already turned scam and has stopped paying on 31st October, but I see people still invest big amounts of trons in this bot. So I just want to make people aware that this is now scam, don't invest. @PROFITPAIDBOT is the username Posting my referral link just so that people can use...
  13. crypworld

    ❓ASK Can Personal contacts view my Telegram Channel?

    This is something, I'm very concerned about. As my PERSONAL phone number is linked with my Telegram account, can my personal contacts view my Telegram Channel and see the updates?
  14. ThatStanger

    ☑️NEW @MEGATRONEX_bot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Note: I'm not the admin or owner of this bot, I'm just a small investor. It offers 3 investment plans: 1️⃣ From 20 TRX to 29 TRX 130% daily for 1 days 130.00% every 24 hours 2️⃣ From 30 TRX to 49 TRX 75% daily for 2 days 150.00% every 48 hours 3️⃣ From 50 TRX...
  15. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @CryptoLiteX_bot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Started 7th November. The bot claims to return 200% of your ltc investment in 4 days. Minimum investment 0.0025 ltc. I haven't invested in the bot, so idk if it is legit or not, if anyone has invested and got withdrawals, please let me know.
  16. ThatStanger

    ❌SCAM @infinitybaba_bot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Note: I'm not the admin or the owner of this bot. This bot offers 3 investment plans as follows and it deals only with trons and not any other currency. 💎 Diamond 1 Plan (From 1 TRX to 300 TRX) 💹 120% daily for 1 day 🌐 6.25% returns per hour 🕐 Returns are paid daily 💎...
  17. BullyMaguire

    ☑️NEW Matrix Trx Airdrop

    Matrix TRX Airdrop join and get 0.4 Tron for joining the airdrop and submitting your Tron address. Tron you've earned will be instantly send to your Tron wallet address. There's no minimum balance required for you to get payed. You will get 0.1 tron for every person you refer.
  18. crypworld

    ❓ASK Is it safe to download Telegram desktop version?

    I never keep my Telegram desktop version window open always since I fear my data records would be tapped. What are your opinion, friends?
  19. crypworld

    ❓ASK Is my phone number traceable by bots?

    I'm nervous to use Telegram for promoting my business because I fear, my phone number is traceable by bots. Is that true?
  20. crypworld

    ❓ASK How to promote affiliate links on Telegram?

    I have joined many Crypto groups on Telegram almost 200 - 300 plus. But I don't know how to promote my affiliate links WITHOUT spamming. Does anyone know how to promote affiliate links on Telegram? Should I create a group?
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