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  1. Bitadvisor

    ❕NEWS Why do people fall for scams? This is my assessment.

    Once you send BTC to someone's wallet, that transaction cannot be reversed. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that you will ever uncover the identity of someone from only a wallet address. With this in mind, consider if it is a good idea to send BTC to someone you don't know with the promise that...
  2. gomez86


    EONADS is a scam, does not pay out. despite getting the minimum withdrawal amount of $ 50, the system shows during the withdrawal that I did not get the minimum. I wrote to them many times and they don't reply. This is a scam
  3. R

    ❌SCAM luckyspintruemoney.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Keep that in mind. Investment risk is yours. Free Plan Earning rate: 0.00001000 Ƀ per day 2% forever STARTER Earning rate: 0.00001473 Ƀ per day 5% for 120 days TRADER Earning rate: 0.00001472 Ƀ per day 5.25% for 120...
  4. J


    SCAM ALERT!!! DO NOT PAY ANY ADVANCE PAYMENTS !! Make the payment to 1Devlab for $ 300 USD for a personalized job which they assured that they would do in 3 days, they asked for the total advance payment of the project, 10 days passed and they did not deliver anything. Request a refund on...
  5. AudraMiller

    ❕NEWS A US man is guilty of extorting the elderly and vulnerable of bitcoin

    Bitcoin is the currency that is being used in many scams these days due to the fact that it can be easily transferred and that it is anonymous, making it very attractive to scammer. A US man has pled guilty to scamming the elderly and those that are quite vulnerable, especially during the time...
  6. ThatStanger


    This bot has already turned scam and has stopped paying on 31st October, but I see people still invest big amounts of trons in this bot. So I just want to make people aware that this is now scam, don't invest. @PROFITPAIDBOT is the username Posting my referral link just so that people can use...
  7. Salina

    ❌SCAM Earnini.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    earning.com is a ptc site which was launched on 25/06/2020. Pay per click is upto 0.0025$ refferal click is upto 0.0005 withdraw threshold of this site is 2$ Withdraw methods are PayPal and payeer. ?this site is Scam Now? Not paying..?
  8. lucky31

    ❕NEWS NRG Crypto is a big scam, feedback.

    Hi team, feedback: The ENERGI project is the example that the blockchain has a big failure. The project literally missed their update and therefore no longer allows you to pay the rewards. With Feel Mining, I was able to withdraw my NRGs, because the company has coldwallets and not hotwallets...
  9. Woneyman

    ❌SCAM Johnson Trade in Telegram Group totally SCAM

    Hey want to tell you about my experience here, don't put your money in Johnson Trade, in Telegram Group. The first time he will pay back your profit then the second time he will tell you to invest more, so many reasons to make you send your money to him, then after that, he will kick you from...
  10. R

    ☑️NEW up-4ever.org Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT ?

    My referrer link if you want to support me : Referrer link Payout Rates payment proof min is 1$ My referrer link if you want to support me : Referrer link Payment methods : My referrer link if you want to support me : Referrer link Have a good day ?
  11. wilsnico

    ❓ASK I'm looking for a good legit place to investment invest my Tron.

    I've got 5% on my thron right now by stake. My question is if there are other legit sites where I can obtain more than that with my thron without risk that it is scam?
  12. AudraMiller

    ❕NEWS Fraud has moved over from Credit cards to the crypto world

    Before we all had to be very careful on the internet and with our credit cards as there were many fraud cases with regards to credit cars, however this has now moved to the crypto world. One of the major concerning facts about crypto is that it has an irreversible nature and it seems that the...
  13. Salina

    ❌SCAM Gold-dominant.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Guys! I want to share this site review with you. Now this site is opening to another site. I invested in this site ,they paid me for 2 times, then I reinvest in this site and my withdraw went in pending.. After few days ,this site changes in another site.means now they are scamming others with...
  14. carlos_muñoz

    ☑️NEW cryptoarbitrage.vip Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

  15. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS ONECOIN is pushing for the UK scam warning to be removed.

    A BBC Sounds podcats raised the issue of the ONECOIN scam and it became known that a law firm and a reputation management company have succeeded in persuading the UK Financial Conduct Authority to remove its warning from ONECOIN. fraud. As many will know, ONECOIN is considered the biggest scam...
  16. BrolySSJ

    ❕NEWS BEWARE! Facebook groups are selling fake suicide pills in exchange for bitcoin

    The worst thing that you can ever possibly do in life is to prey on the vulnerable people and for those that are in a slump and are going through depression. But a recent article has shown that there are dozens of Facebook groups that offer to sell deadly poison to people contemplating suicide...
  17. Kambas

    ❌SCAM Uptownadz.online Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Another ad pack site that is ripping people off! https://uptownadz.online/ After testing this site for about 2 months I can confidently say that this site is no good! They will rip you off once you deposit and start working. You can only withdraw maximum $0.20 per week! Which is a joke...
  18. aazifahzan

    ❌SCAM Cryptohashminefx.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    one guy told, there is a bitcoin mining company and he is the manager of that company, and he told, I no need to send money to him. Just invest in one company called cryptohashminefx.com. So I invested 50$. within 24 hours my account balance showed me 350$. later that day, the company sent me an...
  19. siddharthsanklecha

    ❌SCAM fxshareprofits.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hi one member from LinkedIn scammed me badly she told me about this website: fxshareprofits.com her LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/diya-khurana-9154a7136 (maybe she is the owner or the partner of this website ) website to deposit bitcoin and ill get profits I deposits almost 300$ now no...
  20. gokhancss

    ❓ASK Scam Signals From HYIP services.

    This services are common nowadays. Three years ago this services were not common this days. I lost lot of crypto coins this services. But not too much to make me sad. I figure out some patterns about this services. I decided to share with you and define together more accurately those signals. My...
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