1. jparag777

    LEGIT Payoneer Reviews

    Payoneer is an online payment company that is much like PayPal. Here you can open an account, receive money to your account, pay other members from your account, or use an exchange to transfer the funds in your account to your bank, PayPal, or even to your Bitcoin wallet. This is an excellent...
  2. Mr. B

    Official Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Ways to Earn Money on BMF Earn Daily 10,000 + BMF Points with Earn 1000 BMF Points per referral {tools} Earn 50 BMF Points per new thread Earn 20 BMF Points per new reply Lock tutorials, people must pay BMF Points for access Earn 500 BMF Points for reporting unsolicited private...
  3. Mr. B

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Have you heard of Ucoin Cash? I see they also offer debit cards! Why Ucoin Cash? FAST - Transaction confirmation occurs within second LOW FEES - At an extremely low cost PRIVATE - Guarantee your privacy SECURE - The blockchain system allows the ability to protect your account from all hacks...
  4. Mr. B

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    With this company you can create virtual cards that protect your money. Basically your bank information will be private, so payments are safer. You can earn $5 for inviting your friends(must purchase $50 to get the reward). What's your experience with this service? share it
  5. S

    SUPPORT Where Can I Found the PayPal Option

    I am enjoying my time here on BFM but i am feeling a bit confused to where to put my Pay Pal email so that i can get paid when i redeem my earnings. Actually i don't even know even if am required to redeem or we are paid automatically by 25th of every month if our earning is above the voted...