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  1. yaya88

    Earn Bitcoins, instant

    Earn bitcoins legit and instant payment in faucethub Onebitco Silver faucet, easy claims Claimbitco faucet
  2. bdk81

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hey Guys, Hereis another site gives away hundreds of satoshi every hour. There are game to play and multiply your balance. Click here to sign up NOW
  3. S

    SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hey guys today (14/06/19) started this hyip website and this also paying. That website name is Tristorio. Min deposited amount is- $2 and Started from 14/06/2019. This hyip has 3 plans:- 1. 1.2% hourly for 120 hours, total paying 144% in 120 hours. This plan Min deposit-,$2. 2. 2.2%...
  4. F

    NEW Limitlet Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Limitlet Review Earn Bitcoin by watching 10 ads per day .If u free user u can earn perday 0.20$ at least. Per ad gives u 0.02$. Note:u need 3 refers to withdraw ur funds!Min withdraw for free users is now 5$! Most important: They give u 2$ sign up bonus.1$ for account activation.So ur finally...
  5. milosdexy

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I found this very nice website. The extension adds one or more banners below the pages you are visiting. For each shown banner, you receive a salary that is set by the advertiser, but no less than that you choose. Sponsored: - Earn 10$ per Day doing Tasks, Try Apps, Complete...
  6. Yugocean

    SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    RENT HASHING POWER VIA MINING CONTRACTS. INVESTMENT PLAN - 2.6%-3.0% DAILY WAYS TO CASHOUT AND DEPOSIT- BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ether, Doge coin, Litecoin and Dash. MINIMUM CASHOUT: $5 MINIMUM DEPOSIT: $10 "Guys, never invest what you cannot afford to lose, most of the times they are...
  7. H

    SCAM VeeU App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    What is the VeeU app? VeeU app is a platform that lets you earn money by watching videos, playing games, and can also earn money by uploading your own videos to the app. How do you sign up? VeeU app is available on the Google Playstore and iTunes for IOS devices. Once you download the app, it...

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    new PTC site (release: Apr. 17,2018) Earn up to $0.01 per click Earn up to $0.01 click ref Earn up to $5.00 per referral upgrade Get US $0.01 when you register! They also says: Over 5 Years of Marketing Experience Professional and experienced owners Protected and secured server Stable...
  9. C

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    GetsURL is a link shortener service that pays you for each visit get your short links. Minimum Payout: Paypal minimum $5 Bitcoin minimum $5 Payonner minimum $50 Western Union minimum $100 CPM Rates Personal Payment Proof on PayPal To Register GetsURL
  10. Mr. B

    Official Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Ways to Earn Money on BMF Earn Daily 10,000 + BMF Points with Earn 1000 BMF Points per referral {tools} Earn 50 BMF Points per new thread Earn 20 BMF Points per new reply Lock tutorials, people must pay BMF Points for access Earn 500 BMF Points for reporting unsolicited private...
  11. Souhaib

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello, I have just discovered this new micro jobs site in which you get paid to complete tasks. is like and * Mini jobs available paying from 0.01$ to 5$. * Referral program : 1- You Invite friends and get 0.10$ bonus each referral Signup 2-...
  12. bitcoinbaba

    NEW ADZbuzz Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Now iam earning from three platforms. 1) Steemit 2) Adzbuzz 3) BMF You can also increase your earnings.
  13. Younes Afias

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? is a unique advertising network with over 10,000 affiliates worldwide. We make it easy for everyone to book and earn money on the Internet . And you can profit from it in many ways : Participate in actions part 5,50 € per Action . Play games 0.000005 € per Game . Sell affiliates from...
  14. Younes Afias

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hiii ,,, Today i will post new site , They have a pay per download program he can earn every time from someone downloads your files. You can earn from files of any size and format (as long as they're legal/not copyrighted material). They pay $6 per 1000 downloads for major countries (United...
  15. Nocturnal Writer

    LEGIT TimeBucks Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    TimeBucks is another GPT (get paid to) website that is based in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The site is an international site and allows anyone to join. What I find different about this site compared to other GPT sites is the way they have organized, the site and make it so easy to...
  16. katie

    LEGIT Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Bitcoin Faucets are sites where you can play a game or click to get a number of satoshis (small fragments of a bitcoin) added to your bitcoin wallet. While you will need a wallet to play, these are free, paid for by the ads on the site, and just require one click a day. However several are also...
  17. Gigi

    LEGIT CitizenMe Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Sponsored: - Earn 10$ per Day doing Tasks, Try Apps, Complete Surveys. CitizenMe is a site that deals with paid surveys with the use of their App, it is designed to store surveys in one's profile, through that; simple surveys that can earn one up to 5-8p per question is being...
  18. Mr. B

    SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Earn Free Bitcoin Claim upto 1000 satoshi, increase your claims by upto 100% by login daily to your account, withdraw anytime instantly when you have at least 0.001. Referral Commission: 25% from your referrals claims Minimum withdraw 0.001:BTC: Is this faucet still paying? share a payment proof
  19. Kambas

    PROOF 5th Payment from BidorBuy received - $307

    Payment Details: Product - Lego Minifigure Sets (Series 16 & 17) Amount - $307 (R4090) Date Received - 19th September 2017 Signup Fee - $0 (R0) Website - BidorBuy (free to join). A lot of people tell me that a person cannot make decent money online. That is why I like posting proofs of payment...
  20. Yomiikuto

    LEGIT Steemit Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Steemit is a social network that looks and functions a lot like Reddit, but with one HUGE difference: Steemit pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the site by upvoting others work.