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  1. S

    Paying Cloud Mining

    New cloud mining 3 year contract Payback period 4 months Sign-up bonus 1 hash After confirmation email bonus +1.5 hash referral 5% Payouts 24 hours Payments verified START
  2. U

    Tell me any site to earn without deposit

    Is there any site without Deposit Withdrawal??? Mining site??? I have scammed now i don't have any btc
  3. Stoffy

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    My #1 payment from this high-claiming faucet, PTC, shortlink, investment, offers, jobs, lottery, bonus, CPU mining site and much more. Fast payouts to Minimun payout 50 DOGE. You can join the site here: Good earnings :)
  4. C

    SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    New site launched 14 oct 2019 take your risk, i invest 950 doge, with daily profit 47 doge, let see tomorrow for withdrawal
  5. weblord

    NEW Reviews : SCAM or Legit?

    What is Crypto-Loot? Crypto-loot was formerly .com now it transferred to .org. It was intended to monetize your web pages by placing a code on your websites than when visited will mine monero and uplexa. At the time of this writing, these 2 tokens have exchange rates to a dollar like this: 1...
  6. weblord

    NEW WebMinePool Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    What is WebMinePool? WebMinePool is a browser mining online software that helps website owners to monetize their website so that every page will mine webminepools's official crypto token named: WMCoin or WMC abbreviated. It will in realtime approved your website and you can put in an instant a...
  7. S

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I AM NOT ADMIN! START - 17.09.2019 ABOUT FREE-DOGECOIN.INFO Payment system: DOGECOIN (Instant deposit and manual withdraw) Referral program: 10% from DH/S purchases to balance for payments. Referral program: 10% from DH/S daily bonus. Referral program: 5 DH/S from each registered referral...
  8. S

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I am not admin! Launched 17.08.2019 WELCOME TO AUTO-INVESTMENT BITCOIN PLATFORM! Our platform is designed to bring together investors from countries such as Poland, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Invested funds are distributed by the total cash...
  9. surrealpanda

    PGL a Good Investment?

    Hello All, I recently came across this game called and would very much like to know what all of you think of it. You need a EOS account, and the currency is in a crypto currency called PGL. Basically it looks like a farmville like idle game where you can work or rent plots and...
  10. surrealpanda

    A different kind of mining: Prospectors - A Crypto gold rush MMO

    Hello All, I recently came across this game called and would very much like to know what all of you think of it. You need a EOS account, but basically it looks like a farmville like idle game where you can work or rent plots and sell thing on a player run market. You don't need...
  11. cryptohub123

    NEW Reviews:SCAM or LEGIT?

    Link- This is a bitcoin cloud mining website that requires investments. Their mining plan are as below- 1) BITCOIN GOLD MINING PLAN GET 300$ - 856$ BTC PER DAY FOR 10 DAYS Invest 1000$ - 3999$ 200% Returns Payout in BTC. 2) BITCOIN PLATINUM MINING PLAN GET 2285$ - 5714$ BTC PER...
  12. tusharvasave

    NEW Crypto Idle Miner - Bitcoin Tycoon App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Crypto Idle Miner - Bitcoin Tycoon CRYPTO MINING GAME Play our free mining simulator game and earn Hora Tokens! This isn't a investment platform. Click here to Install App:
  13. D

    NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    ‼️DeluxMine - Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining‼️ ✅Payment Proof ✅Status: Paying ▶️Join: ✅6 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin ✅Instant Withdraw ✅Referall Bonus (3 Levels) ✅Mining contracts for 6 months & more
  14. I

    SCAM Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello everyone! there is this website i started my investment with at minimum 50$ for 24 Hour 15% profit and i have withdrawed 100$ when it reached 194$ and left 94$ to keep investing in this website.. i attached a proof I'm just confused and want to know if anyone knows if this website is...
  15. cryptohub123

    SCAM CryptoTab Mining Pool Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    "CryptoTab Mining" is a new telegram bot that allows to earn bitcoin through mining. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00041 btc. Is this paying? It seems like new bot ....
  16. tusharvasave

    NEW Electroneum (ETN) App - Earn Free ETN By Mobile Cloud Mining

    * About Electroneum: Electroneum App is a simple to use mobile cryptocurrency which allows users to mine free ETN with Mobile Free Cloud Mining. Electroneum has largest communities in the cryptocurrency market! * How To Start Electroneum? Step 1: Download & Install "Electroneum" app From...
  17. D

    NEW Crossexchange Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    XEX is the only token issued by CROSS exchange, and by holding XEX, you have the right to share in the revenue of CROSS exchange. XEX 3 PLAN ①Mining Plan Select your favorite mining plan and get XEX ! Depending on the type of mining plan, the return rate and locking period of XEX will...
  18. clearskieshosting

    Clearskieshosting Review - Hosting Available In Midwest for as low as $0.065/kWh

    For the past two years, my partners and I have been building a new colocation opportunity located in the midwest. We're able to get incredibly competitive power pricing working with local municipalities, and after launching a few private pilot programs are ready to open our doors to the public...
  19. B

    Can CPU or GPU mining be profitable?

    I am soon getting a new pc with a ryzen 5 2600 CPU and GTX 1660 (non Ti) GPU. Would there be any coin I could make a decent amount of money mining using these (assume electricity is free, I got solar for days)?
  20. Antares

    [ANN] PornPoint LAUNCHED! Decentralized Adult Marketplace - Masternodes - SHA256

    PornPoint Official Website: Based on Syscoin 3.2 source Merge-Mining SHA-256 Block target: 60 seconds Coinbase maturity: 60 blocks Masternode: 100,000 PNPT Rewards: 42 Pornpoints per block deflated 5 percent per year. 10 percent to governance proposals (4.2 Pornpoints /...

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