1. ARandomHustler

    JOURNEY Instagram Theme Pages - Journey to 100 Dollars per Month

    Hello everyone, ARandomHustler here! I was watching some YouTube when I came across a few channels talking about Instagram theme pages. It intrigued me, so I decided to look into it. I'll explain it in a few words for those of you who don't already know what an Instagram theme page is. An...
  2. LFMoney

    JOURNEY My journey to 1 FREE BTC

    Hi everyone! I started online earning in early 2018 but I lost track of my progress and started deviating from the pass after a while, I even started a thread here before but I need a fresh start now! My grand goal is to earn 1 full bitcoin completely for free, I'm not starting from 0, I already...
  3. Giben

    JOURNEY My Crypto Journey

    Hi everyone, Today I want to have my own journey to see how much i can earn and what i can achieve from nothing, in the same form, encourage people to do the same as me ! Currently im using fauces, gambling websites, seeing ads etc. Im always open for new websites, chatting and share my...
  4. chasiecoins

    JOURNEY My BeerMoneyForum Career

    Hello, as you can see from my BeerMoneyForum status, I've been a member of this forum since Feb, 14th 2019. Have Bronze level. Posts made by me so far only 80 posts on some threads. Not so many in this 20 months length. Received only 20 reactions from those 80 posts, not so many interesting and...
  5. SanjayTml

    JOURNEY Starting from $0; An online earning Journey with legit sites

    Hello everyone, :Happy: I have been spending many many hours searching for and spending time on sites where I can earn money but got scammed or earned so less like about $0.05 per month. It was so frustrating after when I spent my efforts and time. But in the meanwhile, I found...
  6. mi306

    JOURNEY No Investment Journey

    That's right. NO INVESTMENT. This is going to be a journal of my earning journey from $0. No specific goal, but I want to see how much I can make without spending anything from my pocket. I will be listing the websites I use, and update my balances every week or so. This way, after every few...
  7. CAMPER2030

    JOURNEY Just Started A Second Channel About Making Money Online!!! What Do You Think ?

    Hello Guys, I just started a second channel about making money online and sharing some tips/reviews...etc I will be making my videos in whiteboard format, what do you think ? is it good ? or should i add some screencapture of the website ? feel free...
  8. GCBTC1

    JOURNEY My 1,000,000 Sats Journey (And General Beermoney Blog)

    My Main Goal: To make 1,000,000 satoshis (0.01 BTC) in a year. Why I Want To Achieve This Goal: The first attempt I had 700k sats locked behind an address I don't have the private key for anymore. Which sucks, considering that I wasted 8 months getting them. I almost gave up because of it...
  9. Q

    JOURNEY My 0 to $5000 Journey

    My Journey Of Earning Money Online Recently I decided to challenge my self to earn some money from the internet, and thought "why shouldn't I make a blog about my challenge" to make more people to follow my path. My Goal is to find a lot of different websites and services to earn a few bucks on...
  10. Stoffy

    JOURNEY Just started a YouTube channel!

    Hallo I just started my first YouTube channel to try to generate some traffic and to experiment a bit with online content. I would be happy if I could get some feedback? So far I have just tried to upload some videos to se what would happen. If somebody wants to subscribe I would be glad to...
  11. LFMoney

    JOURNEY My Free Bitcoin Journey

    I made a previous thread with my journey but I noticed a typo in the title and there was no option to change it. So I decided to start a new one, with some improvements to it :D! On December 1st I will add an objectives section to keep me motivated, and I will keep trying to come up with more...
  12. LFMoney

    JOURNEY My Fee Bitcoin Journey

    Hey guys, first of all just want to say beer money forum is AWESOME. I´m not new to online money making since I am on the drop shipping business since 2014 and getting a steady extra income from there. But now I love crypto and I believe there is a bright future ahead of it. So I created a...
  13. speedy_izzy

    ✅LEGIT Blabber App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    So there's this new mobile application available for Android and IOS. What is this new app all about? It says, you can now get paid to text your usual conversations with friends and family. Right now, to celebrate the launch of this money-making machine, they are giving away $15.00 to 5 people...
  14. ipol12

    PROOF My Journey on Bit Soap Box

    I started my journey on Bit Soap Box last January 2017. I had ups and downs using the website. It is pretty obvious that the website is quite complex to use. But as you learn using it, it will be easy to work on there. The moderator "Catman" is willing to help if you have issues using the...
  15. ipol12

    JOURNEY My Journey on FaucetHub

    I am really enjoying my journey on FaucetHub. At the moment, I am earning some satoshi from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Peercoin, and Primecoin. You can see some of my current earningsat those cyptocurrencies. You can also see the payments I received from...
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