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  1. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Kittycoin LEGIT INSTANT

    Kittycoin is a memecoin on Solana network. It can be worth A LOT in the future. CLAIM FREE 25000 COINS INSTANTLY 1.Join from this link: http://kittycointoken.org/r/b7b1003105bb81da8b7a47458abc92848ec4c0af (no tokens without link) 2.Create account with e-mail. 3.DONE 25000 coins received...
  2. P

    ☑️NEW Want to earn Free USD 1.2 worth of Crypto everyday using just 5 seconds?

    Have you joined Hi Dollars yet? Totally free and you can get USD 1.2 worth of Hi Dollars crypto everyday within 5 seconds! It has already risen 6 times in 6 months and even better it's already on exchange platform:) You can join here, join by invitation only, https://hi.com/ssalmonss...
  3. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Bxie claim free NFT

    Bxie Infinity project forked from Axie Infinity (700K INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS) To claim free NFT: 1.Join here: https://www.bxieinfinity.com/ 2.Go to Airdrop 3.Provide your BSC adress and e-mail. 4.Open FREE NFT up to 1000$ :Greedy GOOD LUCK HOPE YOU GET BIG ONES :Happy:
  4. bobskibob

    ☑️NEW Free $25(£18.6) from the DiamondApp (no deposit needed)

    The Diamond App is a twitter like social media built on top of the deso blockchain. They are currently offering 25USD (i get $5, you get $25) worth of tokens (deso) just for passing a quick verification. The best thing is that you can do it multiple times with different documents. Quick guide...
  5. M

    ☑️NEW AIRDROP LUNR !!!!!

    LunarCrush, a social intelligence platform for cryptocurrency investors, rewards Lunr users for their engagement and loyalty. Earn points (points earned are converted to LUNR every day) by completing tasks such as using the LunarCrush app, sharing information, referring friends, and more. -...
  6. H

    ☑️NEW Cake Defi - $50 bonus (short time promotion) for a deposit(can be withdrawn)

    ake DeFi helps you to make your Bitcoins and your crypto coins work for you by providing easy to use products, excellent user experience and generating high returns for users. Short term Promotion From July 22, 2021 10:00 AM UTC to August 8, 2021 10:00 AM UTC, each successful (verified...
  7. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Coinmarketcap Free NFT

    -Coinmarketcap let's you collect Diamonds that are exchangable to NFT's and other good stuff. -It's FREE and LEGIT. 1. Join here: https://coinmarketcap.com/invite?ref=58GKONI3 2. Create account go to Diamonds section -> Claim everyday up to 50 Diamonds 3. When you collect enough go to Rewards...
  8. raver

    ☑️NEW Earn $15 Doge Floki Tokens

    https://t.me/Doge_floki_airdrop_bot?start=r0976795954 Earn 65,000.000.000 Doge Floki Tokens=( $15 ) very easy to get -join 2 telegram groups -Submit Your Binance Smart Chain address (Bep20) -refer 5 people Airdrop Distribution Date 12/01/2021 ~ 12:00 UTC...
  9. lavishman

    ☑️NEW 5000$ Giveaway LEGIT

    Well-known casino (500casino) is doing a pre-Christmass giveaway :D 5x 1000$ for Lucky Winners :) Feeling lucky? Join it :P Link: https://wn.nr/YvFv5H Just join and do some tasks to get entries. That's all :-) :D :D GOOD LUCK EVERYONE HOPE SOMEONE FROM THIS FORUM WILL WIN :D :D
  10. I

    ☑️NEW Fractal Protocol. They offer to earn 500 FCL (~ $ 230) per month

    Very large airdrop. 100% legal. Portal for user verification Fractal. They give out 25 FCL for $ 10 for the installation of their wallet and verification. Follow the link and look for the Download the Wallet button Install the wallet from the google extension store. We are going through...
  11. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Polkastarter 100k$ giveaway LEGIT

    Polkastarter is a big company and they are giving away 100k $ in NFT It's legit, no doubt. All you have to do is do some tasks: 1. Join here: https://gaming.polkastarter.com/?kid=1S90SQ 2. Enter your e-mail and do some tasks -join discord -follow twitter, retweet -invite people for more...
  12. lavishman

    ☑️NEW NFTSEA legit

    NFTSEA is a fork of OPENSEA market for NFT. They have airdrop ongoing - FREE 10 NS 1. Join here: https://nftsea.net/HXJQ9P 2.Click Airdrop -> enter your ETH (ERC-20) adress 3. DONE :D You can refer people if you want. Looks good - takes 20s to join - TAKE YOUR CHANCE :D - ENJOY :)
  13. lavishman

    ☑️NEW DOGE free wheelspin

    Free DOGE wheelspin After signup you get 2 FREE DOGE + 3 spins every day -MAKE SURE TO SPIN EVERY 1 MINUTE, NOT INSTANTLY, COZ IT WILL SAY YOU WON 50/100 DOGE, BUT IT WONT BE CREDITED -Min. withdrawal is 110 DOGE, I have 10 on a first day https://99dog.net/r/834149855040 <- just join with...
  14. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Coinbase NFT

    Coinbase one of the biggest crypto platforms joins NFT :D Join waitlist for early access and potential FREE NFT on launch :) 1. Just go to this link: https://coinbase.com/nft/announce/1QX01H 2. Click ,,Join Waitlist" and enter only e-mail (if you have Coinbase account use the same, if not...
  15. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Solana faucet every hour LEGIT

    Solana faucet Bothered Otters :D Save otters to receive some Solana into your wallet :D 1. Create Phantom wallet (Solana wallet) and save password/seed 2. Go here: https://www.botheredotters.com/?ref=7y1qcuaQJhDxa4eEgiSSEeADPgjP1ucXYZt6gbjin6We 3. Click Offer Shelter at the bottom 4. Connect...
  16. Regal

    ❓ASK Where should I start?

    Hi, I am very interested in learning about some sites, techniques, or strategies you guys use to generate income online. They can be free or they can cost money to get involved, it doesn’t matter. I want to get an idea of where to start investing and making money online on a weekly basis. Both...
  17. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Exeedme.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    4.00 star(s) 1 Rating

    Hello, I decided to update this thread and move it here so more people can earn. It's tested and LEGIT. :Thumbsup: Exeedme is a platform where you can play CS:GO / Warzone and win money. It's a fairly new site, so creators offer 7$ free for new users(previously 2.5$). 1. Register from this...
  18. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Huobi lucky wheel FREE SPIN

    :Thumbsup:Huobi free spin lucky wheel ANNIVERSARY :Thumbsup:Win free crypto :) :Thumbsup:No KYC, just download app, create wallet and enter code. 1.Download app: https://www.huobiwallet.io/ 2.Go to Wallet-> Create wallet -> on the left select Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) and create it 3.Go to...
  19. lavishman

    ☑️NEW Exeedme 2.5$ in 5min INSTANT PROOF

    Some new e-sport site is giving free crypto for new users :D It's time to get some $$ :Cool: 1. Register from this link: https://beta.exeedme.com/register/1d6c91da-72f5-48c0-8875-0f3fd8725963 2. You received 1$ instantly. 3. Verify your account in a settings tab...
  20. M

    ☑️NEW Hi dollars claim

    A new project with possible big earnings. It's too early, join the revolution now. Be part of the fastest growing blockchain community in history. Sign in in 30 seconds. Contact your friends and earn even more. Sign in via Just call, say hello right away. ? https://hi.com/Churdy
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