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  1. turkoinim

    ☑️NEW 25 Usdc Payment Proof

    15 usdc reward no kyc no invest register = https://m.getplato.app?u=turkoinim only register and two resturant task done #airdrop
  2. S

    ❓ASK What is the importance of casino reviews?

    Casino reviews are important because they provide valuable information to help players make informed decisions about where to play online. Reviews can include information about a casino's game selection, bonuses, customer service, and overall reputation. They can also include information about...
  3. S

    ❕NEWS What is the best crypto forum to learn about investing in altcoins?

    There are many forums and communities where you can learn about investing in altcoins. Some popular options include BitcoinTalk, Reddit's /r/cryptocurrency, and Telegram groups dedicated to specific altcoins. However, it is important to note that not all information on these forums is accurate...
  4. Ant-co.in

    SUPPORT External Subforums

    Hello, good afternoon I'm starting a new PTC site and I would like to integrate your forum as a meeting point. Have you ever thought of creating a section where different websites have their own subforums? In this way you would have more traffic in your forum and we would save the creation of a...
  5. crypworld

    SUPPORT A suggestion when a thread posted is removed

    Hello BMF Support Team, I have a suggestion.? When a thread posted is REMOVED, it would be nice if you could please let us know which thread was removed? Sometimes we make mistakes out of ignorance. When you let the members know, where they went wrong, they won't repeat that mistake again...
  6. colinb

    SUPPORT Looking for Review Video for Beer Money Forum

    Hi Fellow members, I am looking for a good video review of Beer Money Forum to show my email list what BMF is about and why they should join BMF. Does Mr B have a video like that or do you have one on YT that I can share with my friends? Thank you Regards Colin
  7. Paigegirl

    SUPPORT How to Check Accumulated Earnings on BeerMoneyForum

    I'm new on here and still trying to find my way around the site. I was wondering though if one can check earnings so far on the site besides the usual notifications that come up. I would like to be able to check my accumulated earnings once in a while
  8. Stephanie Diana Iyasele

    Patience a virtue most people lack

    Patience over time is being preached in so many business class, seminars, religious houses. I am guilty of not practicing it sometimes especially in terms of businesses and online jobs, I almost loosed my art years back because I lacked it,everyone wants to hit the Broadway and make it like...
  9. BMF

    Best forum plugin for wordpress?

    Hi guys, I have a blog powered by Wordpress, I'm considering adding a forum to further solve issues from my visitors instead of replying to comments from my articles. Which is the best forum plugin for WordPress?
  10. remnant

    ❓ASK Affiliate marketing without a website?

    I aspire to launch into affiliate marketing on a platform where I would not necessarily need a website or a blog. I have tried to search for forums where one can sign up and place affiliate links without going against their terms with minimal success. Anyone into affiliate marketing bereft of a...
  11. Hades

    ❓ASK How Teens Can Make Money Online?

    As a teen (and thus underage), you have several limitations: you won't be accepted to websites like Clickworker and Mturk, and you may also have some issues trying freelance jobs. But that's not a good reason to give up! First of all, since you don't have a credit card, you should open a Paypal...
  12. globetrotterGCC

    An Introduction!

    Hello to Respected Mr.B and the Dear Fellow Members, I am Ali Shehzad from Pakistan. I am a sincere, friendly and a good company to be. I am always open to learn from anyone as have no egoistic tag on me :) I am self employed and love to spend my time , positively , online. I love to identify...
  13. L

    ☑️NEW JustFrom5K.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I came across this site a while ago and I have just joined but yet to start working.It a freelancing site with different skills on display.You join and list out the differnts skills you have while registering. Each tasks on the site has a minimum amount of 5k but could be higher according to...
  14. wisekim

    Hey! I'm new

    hey! i just joined yesterday to BMF :)
  15. ipol12

    How to apply as forum site content moderator?

    I am a member of many forum websites. In those forum websites, aside from members and the administrator, you can see some members tagged as moderators. Someone told me elsewhere that everybody can become forum content moderator if you will apply to become one. However, I have no idea how to...
  16. SalientHeroes

    SUPPORT What do you think of BMF layout?

    We all know that BMF is a fast growing forum recently in the Internet. Representing its name where the members can discuss all about money making method which enough to pay for your drink, clearly. I gotta admit that I found my first dollar through this Forum. I am really grateful to this forum...
  17. Lexa

    ❌SCAM Contenvania Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    I received an email asking me to join another paid to post on forum site. This was set up by someone who was banned from PostLoop, and the reasons were never known, except there were 'issues,' and many posters did complain about the forums that person was running, in that they either didn't...
  18. percyboots

    Hullo there! Joined a couple of hours ago

    Hi there everyone, I just joined a couple of hours ago. I hope that I will get to interact with some of you on this forum, and to all other newbies - a big - hi!
  19. E

    What is the ideal thread to post ratio?

    I think to keep a forum alive and interesting there should be new threads coming in. Sometimes members focus only on replying to existing threads. In fact lack of new threads may kill a forum. But what should be the ideal ratio? I think there should be two threads each for every ten replies...
  20. E

    ❓ASK How to know if a PTC is about to scam you?

    During my early career in online earning I was associated with a number of PTC sites. Most of them turned scams within a short period of time. So after that I left PTC field and never looked back. But what I felt in general was that almost all these scam sites were not having an active...
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