1. B

    ❌SCAM Reviews - Team Success a SCAM!!

    Hello Everyone!! I am here to let everyone know the TRUTH about TEAM SUCCESS. You might have seen there page thru an ad or on IG. The truth is its a scam. You will bust your ass mining or doing other requirements that he asks you to do and than instead of paying you he will drop you from the...
  2. rafi2003

    ☑️NEW Why the rate of an Airdrop's token rate goes down after distribution ?

    It is really becomes so much annoying when a airdrop's token rate goes down !! Why this happen's all the time ... What is exactly the reason of this thing and How to get rid of this...? LET's discuss about it.
  3. Sudipta

    ❕NEWS Can litecoin reach 150$ by the end of the year?

    What do you think about litecoin's recent rise corresponding to bitcoin's bull rush. As few days ago bitcoin started the bull rush, litecoin also started the bull rush and as bitcoin reached it's all time high of 24.3k, litecoin reached it's year high 120$. So do you think bitcoin can reach 25k...
  4. len17

    Deal Airdrop - Register to get 150 BMF

    150 BMF to register & earn Zen Airdrop. Register at Horison Community Hub, and verify your wallet to get 150BMF . To earn extra rewards daily, after your register check your backoffice & download Zen wallet if you haven't got Zen wallet already. Complete simple verification, that does not...
  5. Sudipta

    ❓ASK What do you think bitcoin can reach 25k by this year?

    Bitcoin was able to surprass it's previous all time high of 20k on December 16th 2020. It was in such a bull rush that on the go, it was able to record a new all-time high of 24.3k which is very impressive on such a pandemic. So what do you think , bitcoin can reach 25k by this year? Only 7 days...
  6. Knowbody

    ❓ASK What will be the next move of Bitcoin ? It goes up or down ....

    After the yesterday markrt crush, what wiil be the next matket trend of Bitcoin ? Now every crypto along with crypto is in red position. Can you predict the next move of BTC ???
  7. tolga1500

    ☑️NEW Step-by-Step Guide ''MegaTechMGT Airdrop Contest'

    Step by step things to do; Interact with our Telegram bot and follow all the instructions to be eligible for $80 1.Start the MegaTechMGT Airdrop Telegram bot: 2.Join MegaTechMGT Telegram group and channel: 3.Follow MegaTechMGT on Twitter, then...
  8. Sudipta

    ❓ASK What do you think about bitcoin?

    What do you think about bitcoin? Do you think bitcoin's price will keep rising and surpass 25k? Or it will gradually decrease to 10-15k? Though many companies are coming forward to invest which is causing rise of price gradually. Now it reached 22k and increasing. Let's hope it surpass 25k...
  9. L

    ☑️NEW 19$ Compound token

    Don't have a Coinbase wallet? Join the Quiz and hit $ 19 for the grab you get in the Compound token, you can switch to what you want later! A simple question, a simple answer for which you get money! Invite others! Check out:
  10. Sudipta

    ❓ASK Bitcoin price on a rampage?

    Today about 5p.m GMT bitcoin price reached it's all time high. Really I didn't thought that this type of achievement is even possible this year throughout such a pandemic. It's currently 20700$ which is such a big amount. I believe cryptocurrency has a very bright future. What you think?
  11. tolga1500

    ☑️NEW @bcmctelegrambot Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Click on below link to participate into this amazing #Airdrop Rewards: 1800 + 250 BCMC1 Value : $ 180 Referral: $ 25 Join Airdrop : #Airdrops #cryptocurrency #ICO #bitcoin #Crypto #ETH #giveaway
  12. nava9954

    ☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello crypto users, Here i bring a new Faucetpay Feyorra(FEY) faucet 2020 where you can earn every 1 min free FEY tokens. *Simply Use your Doge coin address and You can start claiming* Website is new and have less popup. Earn from 0.001 satoshis USDT every 1 min. referral commission is up to...
  13. T

    ☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    There are many tron smart contract that has failed at the past. I am happy to introduce a new tron smart contract project with verified and genuine smart contact. Kindly visit to invest today .
  14. R

    ☑️NEW Earn STPT tokens Already listed on Binance

    Get free STPT tokens 50 on joining and 50 per your referrals. Listed on Coinmarket Cap and trading on Binance Join here
  15. J


    Morpher allows one to trade 24/7 with zero fees and perfect liquidity across stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities. Morpher is airdropping 100 MORPHER for sign up and KYC. Also earn 50 MORPHER for each referral. Sign up Now and Get your FREE 100 Tokens HOW??? 1. Join Morpher...
  16. crypworld

    ❓ASK Which are the TOP altcoins to rally as Bitcoin price spike?

    Any prediction which are the altcoins to rally as Bitcoin price spike? In other words, which are the TOP 5 cryptocurrencies in demand due to the increase in bitcoin price as of today - November 21, 2020 ?
  17. J


    MORPHER (MPH) TOKEN, IS ONGOING AIRDROP 100 MPH SIGN UP BONUS REWARD. Morpher is a trading platform and a market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain and Morpher Tokens are an Ethereum based cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token). You can use your free 100 MPH to invest in your favourite...
  18. My24pay

    ☑️NEW Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? My24pay is an automatic online cryptocurrency exchanger. We work with a wide range of cryptocurrency and fiat directions. Our main priorities are: -Multiple payment method; -Security of funds and user information; -Competitive loyalty rates; -High-speed foreign exchange...
  19. crypworld

    ❕NEWS Ethereum 2.0 Official Launch date

    The new Ethereum 2.0 would be launched on December 1st, 2020. This will take place only if the blockchain receives 16,384 deposits of 32 ETH each by that date. It's a way too high where the goals are set by the Ethereum team. The total would be 524,288 ETH with a value approx 210 million...
  20. crypworld

    ❓ASK When is the next Bitcoin Halving?

    Now that I know the concept and importance of halving, I'm curious to know when is the next bitcoin halving?
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