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  1. Gains

    ☑️NEW Trust walet token TWT official Airdrop

    TRUST WALLET TOKEN(TWT) Everyone hurry up and do this now..... Make sure you have a trust wallet. Follow the instruction and earn. Do this immediately click on the link and earn free TWT token and also invite some of your friends to earn. NOTE :- This Airdrop is done on Telegram. You must...
  2. Emmytech

    ❕NEWS The New Cryptocurrency Investors Are Breaking Banks To Buy

    StorX is that decentralized cloud storage network that permits users to securely store their data within the cloud. The file uploaded to StorX is split and encrypted into multiple elements of autonomous storage nodes. In addition, these can be operated by one person around the world who rents...
  3. crypworld

    ❓ASK Does any crypto wallets have an option to withdraw directly to bank?

    Instead of using a crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies, I'm wondering are there any cryptocurrency wallets where you have option to withdraw directly to your bank?
  4. crypworld

    Jobs 50 BMF - FREE Sign up

    Viral Trons is a Viral Advertising Platform where you earn INSTANT profits and commissions DIRECTLY to your TRON wallet. There are many AD Packages and as per the company you can earn $12,600,000 million USD and more. The admin is very active on Telegram and they are providing full support...
  5. crypworld

    ☑️NEW bnbfreedom.biz Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    BNB Freedom has two phases. Phase 1 - You earn total $126,157.00 upon completion. Phase 2 - You earn total $2,021,664.00 upon completion. Unlike other investment schemes, BNB Freedom works totally different. You do not have to pay any money to invest. It works based on the...
  6. Gains

    ❌SCAM Minings.live Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    1.00 star(s) 1 Rating

    Cloud mining provides a potentially cost-effective way to mine Bitcoin Trx and other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, whether it is quantitative trading or DeFi technology, you can easily participate in blockchain transactions with a small amount of funds and obtain stable income like...
  7. Gains

    ☑️NEW Tapestri.io Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    Hello My Friends, DATA Monitization Earn Here For FREE by doing nothing more than downloading an app! You will earn anywhere from 5 dollars to 25 per month or more as a free member with no referrals. You just have to download the app once we go live which could be any day. You will make...
  8. crypworld

    ❓ASK Would you prefer bitcoin or fiat for transactions in your country?

    Now that El Salvador has approved bitcoin transactions in their country, would you like your country too also follow their footsteps? Or would you still prefer fiat transactions ?
  9. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS Bybit warned Japanese financial regulator.

    According to Financial magnates, In the month of May, Bybit, a Singapore based crypto currency exchange platform received warnings from the Financial Services Authority (financial regulator in Japan) alleging that the exchange wasn't duely registered with the authorities to render services in...
  10. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS Africrypt Exchange founders abscond with Investors' funds

    According to yahoofinance, founders of a South African Exchange, Africrypt have disappeared after an alleged hack of the exchange platform. Investors may have lost about $3.6 billion in bitcoin in the incident. In April, the exchange was allegedly hacked and investors were advised not to inform...
  11. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS Sotheby's offers expensive diamond for Crypto

    The rare and expensive pearl shaped diamond is worth $15m and weighs about 101.38 carats and will be up for auction next month. It is historical because this is the first time ever, Sotheby's would be accepting Cryptocurrencies for such an expensive item. I believe this is symbolic, happening...
  12. chivs86

    ❕NEWS Looking for some ideas to earn free crypto

    Looking for some ideas to earn free crypto Hi Guys, So recently have started dabbling in Crypto investment. Looking to build up my assets but I don't really have much in terms of capital. Have so far just spent £10 here, £20 there mostly on Pirate Chain but looking at ways to get Crypto for...
  13. E

    ☑️NEW hilanofaucet.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?
    5.00 star(s) 10 Rating

    HilAno Faucet Earn free crypto with start using the highest paying crypto faucet website ever! Why HilAno Faucet is the best to earn crypto? - You can claim the faucet every 5 minutes - Very low minimum withdrawal amount - Instant payments - Many unique offerwalls (TheoremReach,Cpx...
  14. Niftyicon

    ❓ASK Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

    A survey carried out earlier in the year has shown that about 90% of all countries are considering and pursuing having their own Central Bank Digital Currencies. This is in no way a bad thing but how this will affect Cryptocurrencies is of concern. Everett Millman, a Gainesville Coins Inc...
  15. Niftyicon

    ❕NEWS Russia with the highest number of Crypto Cyberthreats.

    With the booming crypto markets, a study has shown that countries such as Russia, Peru and Thailand are suffering an increased rate of cyber crimes. This can be easily attributed to the increased interest in and value of cryptocurrencies. The report shows that about 8.9% of all threats related...
  16. Salina

    ☑️NEW ??New W.shiba Airdrop

    ??New Legit Airdrop?? Copy the link and paste in trustwallet "Dapps "option. Claim free tokens.. 0.20$ fee will apply. Here is the link. https://wshiba.net/airdrop?ref=0x73682c96AE0BEFa1E5780664FFc2560F1b403176
  17. R

    ❕NEWS SalvAid New Crypto Token Launching Soon.

    SalvAid is a philanthropic BEP20 rug-proof crypto project meant to raise money for charity and becoming the next moonshot. Our goal is to donate to different causes that will be picked through public polls by the people who invest in SalvAid. We aim to create a strong community with diamond...
  18. CrazySher

    ❓ASK Can Doge have a potential to become a top crypto in future?

    Well Doge coin is remained as joke for almost 7 years, untill the memes about it are become viral. Which, gives it a big push and it's price touched $0.69 but as today it's price decreases and become $0.30 cents only. So, is there a chance it will again go high.
  19. CrazySher

    ❕NEWS Indias crypto ban faces resistance

    India is in talak about it's decision to ban crypto but it is not easy as easy it looks like because the crypto industry in India is developed a lot since it's ban lifted in 2018. So, it's crypto crowd stands against the policy and it is not executed till now.
  20. crypworld

    ❓ASK Seniors need to be educated

    You would have observed in every part of the world, it's the senior citizens who are making a fuss all about cryptocurrencies. Many of the proposed ban in cryptocurrency are raised by the seniors who just cannot accept digital currency. Of course, crypto is volatile in nature but that is the...
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