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  1. onlyprofits

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    A report compiled by crypto index fund provider Stack Funds, issued on October 15, says that Bitcoin could hit the price of $ 15,000 after the EEUU election. They base their conclusions on the historical trends, if the Bitcoin repeats them it could crush the hard resistance to break, that of the...
  2. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS Fidelity clarifies debate on BTC's relationship with other assets
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    Fidelity sheds new light on the old debate about whether there is a relationship over the old debate about whether there is a relationship between the performance of Bitcoin and other assets. In its report, the company clarifies that since 2015 the correlation is 0.11, which suggests that there...
  3. Harry

    ☑️NEW Kointat: Instant Legitimate Earning up to $500 daily
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    Start Creating Passive Income Now 100% Secured and Legitimate Get up to $1000 instantly, Contact website live support for how to start Optimized for Maximum Profit Register here👇 I have more proof of payment 👉Get from 1% to 3% on every transaction of...
  4. AudraMiller

    ❕NEWS 21 million dollars of bitcoin has been moved to unknown wallets
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    In 2016 there was a hacker who managed to hack the Bitfinex site and stole a total of 119 thousand BTC. this is over two billion dollars in bitcoin. Now whilst this may seem like a long time ago, the Btcparser program recently picked up that on Wednesday, 2034 BTC was moved to unknown wallets...
  5. Davidafer

    ☑️NEW Reviews: Scam or Legit?
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    On my search to find a paying Hyip is stumbled a cross, the site will allow you to invest as little as $10, the best part is payment are sent daily. Created not more than 3 days ago from making this thread. Deposit method: Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrency...
  6. AudraMiller

    ❕NEWS Bitcoin price has been over 10k dollar for 66 consecutive days
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    The price of bitcoin has been doing very well lately, and as of yesterday (1 October), the price of bitcoin has been over 10k dollar for 66 days without fail. This is an excellent achievement in my opinion, as the article which I have read on this topic shows that the last record length for BTC...
  7. onlyprofits

    Only 2.5 million Bitcoin remain to be mined
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    ChartBTC reported that 18.5 million bitcoin has already been mined, therefore 2.5 million BTC remains to be mined, 11.9% of the total. ChartBTC also reported that half of the 2.5 million BTC will be mined within 4 years. With all this, since the beginning of 2020 the institutional demand for BTC...
  8. Elzhan

    Scheme for making money
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    FREE! Scheme for making money. Valid until October 1! Giveaway from YoBit. 1700 DLRS for participation +800 DLRS for each friend Distribution +0, Without verification of Passport and SMS. As a result, in a couple of simple actions you will receive 1700 DLRS, the trades will be on October 1, but...
  9. Coding Authority

    Trade Exchange 21.12$ WMZ (WebMoney) to Crypto/BMF
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    Hi, BMF Members. I have 21.12$ in Webmoney and I want to exchange it to 20.50$ BMF / Crypto ( BTC, Doge, Ltc, etc). Anyone wants to trade, reply below or pm me.
  10. onlyprofits

    The CEO of Microstrategy could sell 200 million dollars of BTC.
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    Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, the company that invested $ 250 million and $ 175 million in buying BTC said that if you look if the performance of an alternative asset skyrockets, it wouldn't last long to sell 200 million BTC. He expressed that they could sell such a quantity in a single day...
  11. Xdream

    ❕NEWS The airdrop people are talking about now
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    *Currently Trading on Justswap, Instant withdrawal to ETH* 🎉 Bridge glorious airdrop #BRG 🎁 Token airdrop of the first ever public oracle system of TRON network 👥 Refer to the Bridge bot and by following the statements, earn free BRG. Click and get BRG
  12. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS Microstrategy revealed the strategy to buy the 17,000 BTC
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    The largest business intelligence company jumped into the public arena of the cryptocurrency ecosystem by investing 250 million dollars in the purchase of 21,000 BTC, shortly after it fulfilled its promise and bought 17,000 BTC. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor published his strategy to acquire...
  13. onlyprofits

    ❓ASK Do you think DEFI will outperform BTC in capitalization?
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    I'd like to know your views on this question, as Pantera Capital CEO, Dan Morehead, says that in the next 5 years, DEFI will surpass BTC in capitalization. He states that the finances of the DEFI ecosystem are still in their infancy, while BTC is seen as digital gold, that is, it is a store of...
  14. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS 625,000 to anyone who can decrypt Monero and Lightning Network
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    There is currently a reward of $ 625,000 for anyone who can decrypt the Monero and Lightning Network and thus be able to track transactions. This award will be paid by the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service). Submissions will be accepted until September 16, if the prototype model is accepted they...
  15. onlyprofits

    ❓ASK Would you invest for the long term in a currency other than BTC?
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    The vast majority of reports on long-term investments have as their central theme the queen of cryptocurrencies, BTC, they talk about their behavior, their price, their future, investors. Less is said about the other altcoins. I am not particularly a long-term investor, in the near future I...
  16. onlyprofits

    Yellow Card CEO lost his life savings.
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    As many will know, Yellow Card is an African cryptocurrency exchanger, the CEO is Chris Maurice. He says that in the beginning, when the Bitcoin had a price of 200 dollars he invested 5000 dollars, acquiring around 21 BTC, he liked the project so much that he invested all his savings and stored...
  17. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS CoinMetrics Study Says Privacy Is Not Relevant
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    A recent study by the company that analyzes the world of cryptocurrencies, Coin Metrics, has shown that privacy is not relevant, since most of the transactions carried out do not include privacy tokens and most of the traders of Cryptocurrencies move your funds clearly, ignoring privacy...
  18. onlyprofits

    A trader leads a competition with 4000% in just 3 weeks.
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    On Cointelegraph I read the news that a cryptocurrency trading competition called the World Series of Trading or WSOT is currently taking place, organized by the exchanger Bybit. For now, the competition is led by a merchant who uses his Twitter name, SalsaTekila, with 4,495.95% profit in just 3...
  19. onlyprofits

    ❕NEWS $ 288,000 is the price of BITCOIN for 2024
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    I don't know if this prediction found on Cointelegraph has a bullish end, that is, it wants to move the market as a positive fundamental for the price of BITCOIN. But what is true is that large corporations have acquired large amounts of BTC as a long-term safe haven asset. We all know that when...
  20. onlyprofits

    Would you like to copy the best cryptocurrency traders?
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    Many of us want to participate in the market for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but we do not do so because we do not know how it is done or we do not have enough knowledge to execute certain purchase and sale operations by ourselves. There is a highly valued and useful trading copy...
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