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  1. marjuanm

    Genbeta, computer blog (in Spanish)

    How are you, greetings to all: Today I want to recommend a blog that I visit regularly, his name is Genbeta (https://www.genbeta.com/). It talks about topics related to computing, news and other material to be aware of new applications, trends, etc. I hope it is useful to you, thank you.
  2. Skynet988

    Deal Selling 3 blog articles for $15

    Hi I am selling articles to bloggers who are interested. The niche is digital art. The articles are new, pure unique content (no plagiarism). Selling each articles at $5 and 3 for $15. Reply me if you are interested.
  3. marjuanm

    Review of my blog (computing) - spanish

    How are you, greetings to everyone: I present my blog https://www.publish0x.com/msproys in which I talk about computer topics, I make my own reviews on various articles, etc. My blog is in the Spanish language, in case anyone wishes to visit it, I thank you in advance.
  4. crypworld

    ❓ASK Can we upload Blogspot blog posts to WordPress?

    I have two blogspot blogs with good content. I would like to upload them to WordPress blog. Is there a way to do it?
  5. R

    JOURNEY Opening my music/news blog

    Hey there! Today I want to talk with you about my latest journey, opening a music blog. I have already bought a .com domain and a VPS. I use WordPress with rank math plugin for the SEO. I have also already created an account on Adsense, and I hope they will accept me soon. I have created an...
  6. Licheus

    ❓ASK SEO Courses from Ahrefs and Yoast Now Free

    https://ahrefs.com/academy/blogging-for-business https://yoast.com/academy/all-around-seo-training I've watched the first few modules of Blogging for Business from Ahrefs (top link). Solid course. These cost hundreds of dollars before, but are currently free. Just sharing as a public service...
  7. Cryptoearner98

    Closed Hello guys please review my Blog

    Hello, guys, I am new to blogging and I started my blog: blog 5-6 months ago (You can't call that new but still I have not much knowledge about blogging) please review my blog and tell me is there something I should improve.
  8. GCBTC1

    JOURNEY My 1,000,000 Sats Journey (And General Beermoney Blog)

    My Main Goal: To make 1,000,000 satoshis (0.01 BTC) in a year. Why I Want To Achieve This Goal: The first attempt I had 700k sats locked behind an address I don't have the private key for anymore. Which sucks, considering that I wasted 8 months getting them. I almost gave up because of it...
  9. Q

    JOURNEY My 0 to $5000 Journey

    My Journey Of Earning Money Online Recently I decided to challenge my self to earn some money from the internet, and thought "why shouldn't I make a blog about my challenge" to make more people to follow my path. My Goal is to find a lot of different websites and services to earn a few bucks on...
  10. Absrexo

    ❓ASK Ways to earn money from a blog other than Adsense?

    I have a blog and I have an acceptable traffic . I want ways to profit from it, other than Adsense ads . Thank you..
  11. Proim

    PROOF Brag: nearly $2800 earned as European in beermoney

    As mentioned in my introduction post I'm from The Netherlands so the beermoney journey has been tough, digging through all the websites that are not open or don't really work if you're not from the US. Throughout all these years I've only had a few sites that really worked for me and are still...
  12. O

    ❓ASK Earn money writing your activity

    We all like to write and sometimes we run out of ideas or issues or anything to talk about, as for me I earn from blogging and that is not easy or hard if you plan what to blog about in your blog, some blog about their travel, the easy thing to write about is to write about your daily routine if...
  13. LFMoney

    JOURNEY My Fee Bitcoin Journey

    Hey guys, first of all just want to say beer money forum is AWESOME. I´m not new to online money making since I am on the drop shipping business since 2014 and getting a steady extra income from there. But now I love crypto and I believe there is a bright future ahead of it. So I created a...
  14. T

    How to build a cool online authority?

    Hey all, We all know that there are literally millions of blogs on various topics, but only a handful of them are so-called authorities. What do you think helped them become ones? Is it knowledge and budget, or just a pure will power and determination, or a combination of all? Pls share. Take...
  15. cubez

    ❓ASK Do people watch videos than reading blogs?

    I have a question as an owner of a blog, want to know writing is beneficial or a YouTube channel? I have seen people have earned a lot of money on YouTube by their videos within two years of works. Writing blog for tech and review still seems very difficult.
  16. myfaucethero

    Flag Counter - Track Website Traffic and Live Analysis Information.

    Hello everyone, i would like to introduce a Flag Counter site which can be useful for your site, blog or faucet. Link: http://consiariat.us Easy to create and fully customizable flag counter for your website (or) a blog. Interesting fact it provide advance statistics and real-time web...
  17. mildredtabitha

    Deal Get 50 BMF - for two comments on my blog.

    mythinkingcapacity.blogspot.com Make two comments on two different posts ONLY! There are more than 20 posts and so you have variety. Minimum of 3 sentences per comment and there is no maximum. Don't rush to post. Read, understand and leave a comment. Come back and mention your username and...
  18. remnant

    ❓ASK Affiliate marketing without a website?

    I aspire to launch into affiliate marketing on a platform where I would not necessarily need a website or a blog. I have tried to search for forums where one can sign up and place affiliate links without going against their terms with minimal success. Anyone into affiliate marketing bereft of a...
  19. Awan Cheyanne

    ☑️NEW BlogMutt Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

    BlogMutt is yet another content marketing site where writer's get paid for their content. A little about BlogMutt: As long as you are 18 and have a valid SSN, you can write for this company. They don't care where you live. Payment: They pay out each Monday on the money you have been paid...
  20. Anuki

    ❓ASK How to make money with Tumblr?

    Hello.I have tumblr blog with 90k followers. is there any ways to make money with my followers? and how? (not google adsense,they arent accepting me)
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