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Forum Posting Rules

I have created this private community for the purpose of helping each other to make real money working from home.
Here at BMF, we talk about legitimate programs that pay people to work and expose sites that scam people and don’t pay.

BMF Rules

1. Spam: Is not tolerated on the forum and it will be removed immediately. Sending unsolicited private messages is considered spam, and you will lose 1000 BMF per each report. If you continue to spam the forum your account will be banned for life. Stay safe!

2. Plagiarism: Is not tolerated on the site. If you are caught copying and pasting content from another site to the forum you will be banned. The thread will be immediately deleted and you lose BMF.

If you find anyone who has committed this act, report the thread immediately. It would be helpful if you can supply a link to the material that was copied.

3. Account Signatures: You are allowed to add your website/ref link to your signature.
The following links are not accepted in your signature:

  • Links to porn site

4. Duplicate IP Addresses: You may only have one account on this forum from your IP address. Even if there are others who live in the home it is not permitted. Adding duplicate account using the same IP address will get you banned from the site.

5. Posting one reply after another: Posting one reply after another on the site is not allowed.

If we find that you have posted one comment and then posted a second before another person has replied, they will be deleted or merged. You will be penalized for the second comment and BMF will be deducted from your account.

I will give you one warning in a PM concerning these actions. If you continue to double post on the site you will be banned for life.

6. Posting quality: I don’t want to see gibberish or posts that don’t offer helpful information. Your posts should be about ways of making money online. They need to be helpful and supply the reader with valuable information so they can join the site and start earning.

7. Duplicate threads: In the forum, it's allowed one thread about each earning opportunity. Therefore, if you wish to write about a paid online opportunity you will need to search the forum to see if it hasn’t been posted already.

If the paid opportunity has been posted on the site I will either delete your thread or merge it with the one on the site. If this happens your account will be penalized BMF.

8. Rules for introducing a new program or ways to earn online: There is only one acceptable way to introduce a new money making opportunity on the forum. You must follow this format:

  • ClixSense Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

You will replace the name of your online opportunity where "ClixSense" is now.

9. Craigslist Offers: We don’t accept offers from Craigslist on the forum.

10. YouTube videos: We do not allow other videos to be embedded in the forum, only videos from Beer Money Forum channel.
You can request video review by @Mr. B to a program you promote after you upload a payment proof. It will be added to the queue.

11. Posting Referral Links:
On any review topic posted by others but you needed to attach a recent payment proof.

12. As of 1st January, 2018 introducing and linking to other platforms that are direct competitors to BMF is not allowed.

13. If you don't login your BMF account at least once every 30 days your referral links can be removed.

14. To keep the health of our payments on time from now on we no longer allow exchange BMF coins to another currency.

15. Since Jan 2020 you need Premium account to sell goods and services on the marketplace

16. Tagging people will make you lose all earnings and if caught multiple times you can get banned for life.

17. Listing your company with links require Promo Pack or Upgrade to Company Membership

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