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Referral Programs

1. Referral advertising commissions

GIVE 10% OFF and GET 10% REFERRAL Commission from each sale made by people you invited to advertise on our forum.

How to apply?

You must have a website and use our contact form to request your special promo code, we have internal statistics for this and each time your promo code is used you get 10% per sale.

Example: if your friend uses your promo code to advertise on BMF, to buy let's say a sticky that cost $50 per month, he will get $5 discount by using your promo code and you get $5.

2. Invite friends on BMF

Earn $1 per referral, start inviting your friends and earn $1 when they become a valid referral.

How to apply?

You must be a registered member of BMF and promote your special referral link on Facebook, YouTube, make a review on your blog or use your signature in other forums you are active.

Example: if your friend uses your referral link to register on BMF, you automatically get 1000 BMF Tokens = $1 when he becomes a valid member, this means he passed 100 messages on the forum and is active.