Zeropark Review – Best place to buy traffic?

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Zeropark is a very popular and first choice traffic network platform where anyone can promote and monetize their traffic with the help of different performance marketing tools.

Brief History about Zeropark: Zeropark was founded by Robert Gryn in 2011 and after that, it was able to make a name for itself. Zeropark is from the codewise group and voluum is one of the other branches of this group.

How to get started on Zeropark: Anyone can join Zeropark if they like to bid or sell traffic and can make money through it or take help of services provided to flourish their earnings. Users are required to enter their Name, Last name, email, phone, Skype, Passwords, country, address and other such related information which is required by Zeropark.

Available Different types of Campaigns: Zeropark provides different types of campaigns like In-App, Premium PPV, Domain redirects and Push Ads.

Supported Cost Models: Zeropark provides supports different Cost models like Cost per View (CPV), Cost per click (CPC) and Effective cost per action or acquisition (eCPA).

Supported devices: Zeropark supports both Mobile, Desktop computers.

Supported Operating Systems: Zeropark supports Android Phone, Tablet, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. operating systems.

Why Choose Zeropark: Zeropark is very popular among advertisers and those who like to sell traffic. There are reasons why Zeropark is popular and these are as under:

1. Targeting Based: With the help of different available campaigns it becomes easier for targeting specific age groups or gender and helps in the creation of a planned strategy for the promotion.

2. Volume Analysis: It’s easier to look at Monthly available Clicks (MAC) with the help of Zeropark and users can access the information about the volume available for different campaigns like Push, Pop, and Domain and can know about the volume coming from different countries differentiating between the device and operating systems.

3. Keywords: Users can get to know about the top and trending keywords with the help of Zeropark with the minimum of effort.

4. User-friendly Interface: Zeropark have the most Intuitive and User-friendly Interface which is best for everyone and is of great help for affiliate marketing beginners

5. Fast Campaign Approval: It’s very easy to set up campaigns and Zeropark takes the minimum time to approve campaigns which help users to run different campaigns and take advantage of this initiative.

6. Robust Targeting: With Zeropark it’s possible to target audience based on their geo, mobile carrier or keywords.

7. Advanced Anti-fraud solutions: Zeropark has a dedicated team which works extensively to filter out all bots with the help of third part and In-house advanced solutions.

8. Minimum Deposit: Minimum deposit required is only $200.

9. Payment Methods: Payments are via Wire, PayPal.

Support: Zeropark has a highly responsive 24 X 7 support which can be contacted through Email, Skype or Messenger.

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