What Is Shorten.sh? Highest PAYING URL SHORTENERS LIST

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What Is Shorten.sh?

Shorten.sh is URL (Uniform Resource Locator) Shortener that is monetized because you get paid on every click you deliver it plus masking your URL at the same time. It offers convenient rates for different countries, starting with U.S.$3.00 on worldwide traffic up to as high as U.S.$11.00 in Finland.

The privacy policy and terms of use pages right now at the time of this review are just empty pages. The website itself is available in English and Spanish language. The empty pages needed to be fixed at once since it’s needed to agree to these two pages before one can signup and start earning. The design is typical basic templates with no additional modules or add-ons integrated in.

Company Behind

It seems like according to it’s website and domain whois, this URL shortener is owned by an individual or group of individuals like the one managing and administering it.

Technical Specifications

They got their domain name registered in October of 2019 in Name, LLC, and currently protected from DDOS (Denial Of Services) attacks by Cloud Flare, Inc. This type of URL shortener can be purchased from code canyon, and you can search like adfly monetized URL or any adfly look-alike script less than U.S.$100 per script.

Making Money

To make money is if you have to be able to deliver traffic to different countries via your blogs or websites. Target the U.S.$11 highest rate for the country Finland. Referring people there will also make you money, and you will have a 20% affiliate share of their earnings for life. Better refer to active people on it.

You can withdraw your earnings when it reaches U.S.$10 via Paypal or WebMoney within three days of processing. You need to complete your billing address first in order to do this.

There are various tools to shorten your links, and these are the following: quick links, mass shrinker, full page script, developers API and bookmarklet. Quicklinks is when you want to shorten one link and deploy it. Mass shrinker is for multiple links that you have generated, and they will be shortened in a snap quickly according to the position where you put the links. Full page script is a javascript you can place on the header of your existing high-traffic blogs or websites. Developers API (Application Protocol Interface) is when you already have an existing online application, you can use either program on your own, or pay others to do it for you and all you need is a set of long characters that you can connect to this URL shortener platform without logging in, and you get to shorten your links remotely and in an instant. Bookmarklet are for those browsers that support it, you can just drag and drop the link and inside your browser without opening your dashboard of this url shortener platform, you can shorten your link when you drop your link on the said bookmarklet you just drop in your browser usually under your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address field where you type your website’s addresses.

You can both manage hidden links and all links. You can also see you earning stats in real-time coming from your own delivered hits and your referral’s hits that get added to your account.



– A free account makes you earn money via short links and referrals system


– Lacking pertinent pages such as the privacy policy and terms of service depicts the website is not a serious business-ready website.

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