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What Is Phaser.io?

Phaser.io is an open-source HTML 5 Game Framework for both desktop and mobile version games authoring and development. It’s downloadable via windows game authoring tool that uses Javascript, Typescript and Cloud-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is specifically WebStorm.

For flash game developers AS3 (Applicability Statement 3), you can safely migrate your created flash games to Typescript. If you are a game developer, then this is your great chance and opportunity to upgrade your games to Phaser environment which is written once and deploys anywhere game creator.

Company Behind

The company managing and operating this game authoring tool is Photon Storm Ltd. which is headed by Richard Davey. The company is a registered company, registered in England and Wales, with a company number of 8036404, VAT registered: 136 4333 27. For financial resources, the company has professional indemnity insurance of £1 million and public/products liability insurance amounting to £1 million as well. To them, writing free and commercial games is no joke and will really cost you if deployed wrong.

Technical Specifications

They got their domain name registered in April of 2013 from 101domain GRS Ltd and hosted at UKFast. Since they are an EU (European Union) company, they can take advantage of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) domain whois anonymity in their domain whois.

Making Money

You can sell your games developed with Phaser. There are companies out there that hire Phaser game developers. The game that you will be creating is categorized as video games. There are lots of market share in both desktop and android system for video games nowadays. In Google play store you can opt for your games to be paid per install (PPI), you can join a lot of affiliate network found on this forum where you can acquire leads or game players by being a PPI advertiser. Plus in all of these, you can have pure fun being a game developer, especially when you see a lot of people playing the games that you created and developed for free since your game authoring tool is free as well, but you share some kind of shareware games, and they pay for credits inside the games for more power and functionalities which can be monetized by various offerwalls now available for game developers, sell inside the game itself and once they wanted more they can buy the games from you. While shareware, of course, you can further monetize your games by displaying third-party ads inside the game itself while the paid versions don’t have any advertisements inside of them.



– Great game creator and a developer tool for the advanced game writers

– Free and makes you money


– Nothing at time of this review

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