What is Instagram? How to become an influencer?

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What is Instagram?
This is another great social media website known by almost every business, brand or celebrity. Instagram is currently more than 14 years old and is a very reputable platform.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010.

Instagram unlike other top social networks like Facebook and twitter base majorly on photo sharing, more than text posts and comments. This feature was one of the major things that made it very popular.

Why Instagram Is Best For Celebrities And Influencers

Optimized For Photo Sharing

Instagram is optimized for images, visuals. These are the things that appeal to celebrities, models, and the rest of them. Instagram is specially made for this. It is so unique and doesn’t intend copying other social media platform styles.

Celebrities, models and people like that, love to share photos all the time. Instagram brought the appreciation of Photo Sharing to life. Less Text, More photos.

If you have a photo to share. The best place you can get more appreciation for your photo is on Instagram. This is because the users have something in mind while using Instagram. They already know that the platform is more about images than any other thing.

The Follow Feature

Instagram also implemented a Follow Me feature. Instead of adding friends like you do on other social networks, you follow people on Instagram. You follow influencers you like, celebrities you appreciate and others. Instagram is more of a style social network, and with the follow feature it makes it a perfect match to what celebrities and brands are looking for.

These brands and celebrities are probably not looking for a friendship relation ship with you. They are looking for fans. So the follow feature here makes more sense in defining the type of relationship that exits on the Instagram social network.

Reducing Link Usage
Unlike other social networks where you post links anywhere you want, Instagram does not allow you to post link randomly when you create a post. Instead, Instagram only lets you put your link in your profile, not on your post.

So before people click on your link to your website or whatever you stand for, they will have to visit your profile to do that. An advantage to this is that on visiting your profile, they will read your bio, or whatever you wrote about yourself or your brand.

If you enjoy sharing photos and watching photos of others, celebrities and influencers, then Instagram is the social network for you.

Joining Instagram is as simple as signing up with your email and password.

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