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What is Tunecore?

Tunecore is a music promotion, distribution and publishing site for independent Artist.It has been in business for over 10 years.

Who Is Tunecore for?

Tunecore is for any independent musical artist or group that wants to digitally, or vinyly get their music out to the masses and get the royalties back on every aspect .

How Does Tunecore Work?

  1. Register for a free tunecore account
  2. Pay a one time set up fee of $75
  3. Tunecore will then send your music to all of your selected stores and streaming outlets.
  4. They also offer assistance and tools for promotion and distribution
  5. Once your music starts to sell the sales from your music go straight into your tunecore account.
  6. Your music can be sent to places like Spotify, itunes, Tidal, Google play, Amazon music etc.
  7. You keep 100% of direct sales, and revenue from music distribution

Tunecores Services to the Artist

  • Register compositions worldwide
  • Monetize compositions on youtube
  • Offer sync licensing
  • Make sure the artist keeps 100% of the copyrights
  • Makes sure your royalties are collected from performance rights (tv, radio , stream), Mechanical record sales, and Direct Licensing(sync, masteruse, youtube, lyrics, print)
  • Fan Reviews
  • After Master Audio Labs
  • Cover Song Licensing
  • Tunecore Direct Advance(money artist can request in advance, and then have the money paid back through tunecore account balance
  • Artist Feedback

Benefits of Tunecore:

  • You are charged a flat yearly fee
  • Access to sync licensing(music used in film and tv)
  • Offer several tools and resources to help artist succeed
  • Music is promoted on multiple platforms
  • Artist have 100% of the copyrights
  • 100% revenue received from sales
  • Guarantee of receiving royalties from every service involving sales

Disadvantages of Tunecore

  • You have to be one of the top 5% of musicians in order to make paying yearly fees and other processing fees doable
  • Need a huge following on social media to make any kind of real sales
  • You do still have annual fees
  • Removal of your music if you can’t keep up with fee payments
  • Upsales are constantly pushed on the artist
  • Several long time artist of Tunecore have moved on to the competition , because of ever changing and increasing fees


Overall Tunecore is a legitimate business that does cater to successful independent artist. If you are at the top of your game and the fees that are involved aren’t a hindrance than Tunecore is an excellent plethora of resources for a musician.

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