Top 5 apps for editing photos

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Most of us like to take pictures once in a while and we wonder if there are any apps that allow us to edit some of them.

Well here are the top 5 apps that I believe are the best photo editing apps:

  1. Snapseed: This photo editing app allows its users to edit their photos for FREE! It has a lot of different types of editing tools. This editing app also contains awide variety of colours,exposures, and sharpening adjustments. This also comes with portrait enhancement and different brushes, and healing tools. Basically the basic photo editing app with some additional features. Reviews claim that this app is very easy to use even though it comes with a lot of features which is why it is my number 1 app.
  2. VSCO: This is another free photo editing app. There is a subscription that one would have to pay if they want to use the premium tools. This app is mainly for filtering your photo though it does come equipped with cropping, colour, and sharpness. It also has a built-in camera. Reviews claim that the filters are subtle not overpowering like other photo-editing apps, making this come to the top 2 of this list.
  3. AfterLight 2: This is a premium photo-editing app that costs only $2.99. It comes with the basic photo-editing tools like colour change, exposure, and sharpening adjustments. In addition to these basic tools, it comes with advance photo-editing tech like Curves, Selective Colour, Gradients, and Blend Modes. It also contains Dust and Light Leaks Overlays, Free Filter Packs from well-known photographers, Double exposure tools, and Layers tools.
  4. Enlight: Another premium photo-editing app, it costs $3.99 on the App Store. It provides selective control over colour, exposure, and details, as well as gives masking tools for blending effects. It allows for cropping, rotating, straightening, and perspective changing, it has filters and much more. This contains a lot of tools but most are not needed for just a simple picture. Its variety of tools places it at 4th place.
  5. TouchRetouch: This is a pretty handy tool for the low price of $1.99. This tool helps remove unwanted objects, dust spots, and other undesirables. This is really useful and its purpose is specifically for removing these unwanted objects in a picture. The reason this did not place higher up is because it does not have the other special features that the premium or free ones offer.

To conclude, these top five photo editing apps can be really helpful to a professional photographer. Leave a like if you like this post.

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