Top 5 Alternatives to Twitch

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Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon is a live streaming video platform that focuses mostly on video games was started in June 2011. Twitch a site that mostly focuses on live streaming of video game, broadcasting of e-Sports and music broadcast besides allows creative content.

One of the most recent features added is “In real life” streams which can be watched via video on demand or live. What one can do on this streaming platform is an interesting topic in itself but its data is mind blowing. For instance it has over 94 million live channels and watchers spent 3,881,122 hours on it with total streamers in March numbering 1,261,717.

But is there any other similar platforms? It’s hard to believe that any other streaming site would reach anywhere near Twitch but the fact is there are other streaming platforms which are worth giving a try.

Started by two former Apple employees Caffeine is trying to invade into the streaming world created by Twitch with its own social broadcasting platform known as Caffeine. It has no chat window but works in form of bubbles below the stream. Caffeine works with Chrome browser only.

Microsoft provides a streaming platform which is a good experience. It works on FTL streaming protocol which allows streamers a Faster than Light streaming experience. Mixer with a latency of less than one second during in-game and user streaming is way faster than other streaming platforms. 

Mixer also provides viewers an option of direct interaction and some games have a virtual currency. The Mixer platform offers benefits for Xbox One streamers. It has USB webcam support and other facilities

Niconico is 10th most popular Japanese streaming website although not that easy to navigate. However, if you love gaming it must prove a good experience for you. The site is in originally in Japanese but it has an option to choose your own language. If you like Street Fighter, Arms or Splatoon type games this site is a good choice for you.

You should have a Japanese e-shopping account to upload, stream etc. Comments directly overlaid on videos. The app is available on the Nintendo Switch.

Periscope is another streaming site that allows you to broadcast live videos and show them to the streaming community. It instantly notify your followers about your uploads so that they can join, and like you in real time. However, you have the choice of broadcasting your work to repeat or replay as per the choice of your followers. You can keep your work as private too.

YouNow is highly recommended for streaming and broadcasting your work to the world. It’s almost the same as twitch with digital gifts, essentially sticks, likes or beers. All these activities cost virtual coins that you earn by spending your time. There is much more to YouNow which is a very good streaming community.

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