Top 5 Alternatives to PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is very popular software. It has a linear character, which causes the presenter to reduce complex objects to simple things. It is also quite expensive and ordinary.

PowerPoint is not the best program for creating presentations, especially if you are trying to focus on its appearance (something other than headers and bulleted lists). In this case, you can find more affordable, online alternatives to PowerPoint.
Fortunately, many other services are now available in which you can quickly and conveniently create beautiful presentations.

There are several presentation software worth considering as a substitute for PowerPoint. 
Here is the list of the best alternatives to PowerPoint you should have a look at. They have their pros and cons, so explore, experiment and select what suits you.

1. Keynote

Keynote is PowerPoint for Apple devices. If you like the interface of your Apple device, then you will like to create presentations in Keynote much more than in PowerPoint.

Pros: convenient and not overloaded, export to PowerPoint is available, friendly to iPhones and iPads.
Cons: you can only use it with Mac, not as reliable as PowerPoint.

2. Canva

Canva offers a lot of useful templates. With Canva, users of any level can make up advanced designs for their needs.

Pros: complex layouts are created simply and quickly.
Cons: a small collection of patterns.

3. Haiku Deck

If you want to completely transfer the process of creating presentations to your tablet, then Haiku Deck is created for you. In fact, presentations with beautiful designs are packed in advance and available free of charge or for a small price. Plus, you can use Haiku Deck right at SlideShare due to the partnership of the two services.

Pros: beautiful and inexpensive templates.
Cons: can be used only on iPad and on its official website online.

4. FlowVella

The main feature of FlowVella is the presentation of the finished presentation in the form of an online application. You insert your data and get a presentation that looks more like an independent program – interactive, simple, innovative.

Pros: beautiful templates, interactivity, analytics function.
Cons: Mac only.

5. eMaze

If you like working in cloud services or in your own browser, then you will definitely like eMaze. With it, you do everything online: choose a good template, make a presentation, share it with the world.

Pros: it works in the browser, amazing templates with video and 3D support.
Cons: limited design features and adaptability.

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