Top 5 Alternative to OBS

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Open Broadcasting Service
OBS, the open broadcasting service enables you to recording and streaming videos live with free and open source software. Open and free software allows fast loading and streaming at a fast rate and with ease on all OS, Windows, Mac or Linux alike.

The best part of open source free software source code is that you do not need any license. In short open source free software provides you easy to use powerful option for streaming, uploading and configuration. It also provides you power to add even duplicate, change property or add new sources at your will.

OBS is one of the best examples of free video recording and streaming but do we have more such sources available? Yes we have a plenty of them and here are some of them.

One of the best for professionals and beginners as this software is easy to use and allows anyone to learn even without prior experience. The best part of the story is that it’s absolutely royalty free and you can use it for stock footage, effects and media.

Camtasia is a video recorder and educational lectures program. It has a wide range of training videos, tutorials and demonstrations posted by users to serve other members. In fact, one can customize the premade animations provided by camtasia. It’s super easy to make your work with drag and drop facilities to your screen.

You want to use an open source free software, try sharex as it has a number of features that you would love to have. To start with it has customizable workflows, active window, full screen, active monitor, copy file to clipboard, save image as and all other facility that makes your task simple. Try Sharex for user friendly features.

You can record almost all activities on your computer for a professional looking video with the support of it’s built in small web format which is core requirement for multimedia, vector graphics and Action Script. You can use this software practically for any purpose including creating demonstration videos or maybe for videos answering frequently asked questions or any other video based product.
Check for streaming and recording with extreme ease and for professional result. You only have to set up your screens and leave everything to What more do you need from open software that allows you to create your personal profile? lets you create your personal profile for connecting purpose with social and gaming media for a better result. Try it a for a wonderful experience.

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