Spare5 App Review – SCAM or PAYING?

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Advantages of Spare5 App

  1. They have mobile application both for Android and iOS and website where the member can sign-up and work. The registration can be done through social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. It offers unique tasks like assessing language by observing what it’s all about and/or how the speacker speaks, annotating images by identifying what object are presented in the picture, etc.
  3. Earnings will paid through PayPal.
  4. It has positive reviews from its members.
  5. Well knowmn companies like Microsoft, Pinterest, IBM, and GoPro avail their service.
  6. It’s a subsidiary company of Mighty Ai, a data company providing solutions to Automotive, Robotics, and Retail sectors since 2014.
  7. Other members in the househould can register as long as they have their own PayPal address.
  8. Members will get a bonus based on the quality of the performance.

Disadvantages of Spare5

  1. Cash out interval is every week.
  2. The member should be atleast 18 years old.
  3. Doesn’t have website public forum.
  4. Members can’t cashout using cryptocurrencies.
  5. Does not support Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera web browsers.
  6. Referal commission is not based on percentage and not lifetime. Referral must earn 10 USD first before the sponsor will be rewarded 2 USD in 180 days period or the referral’s first 100 USD earnings (whichever comes first).

Why Spare5 App is Legit?

  1. It has company address located at Mighty AI Inc. 1301 5th Ave Suite 1225 Seattle, WA 98101.
  2. It has detailed Terms and Conditions.
  3. Status: Paying
  4. Management team information is publicly available.
  5. It’s parent company are regularly in the news and currently hiring who are interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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