Review – SCAM or PAYING?

Posted on is a Watch & Win site where you earn by betting on things and entering into raffles & giveaways.

How does it work?
Basically you sign-up using either Steam, Twitch, Facebook or your email, once in you are greeted with sign-up bonuses (I got 1200 coins and a case).
Your goal is to watch streams, gain the coins that work as currency on this site and ultimately you bet on different things while watching the stream,
you can bet witch side win the game and other simple stuff like that, sometimes the streams give you multiple choice questions that reward you with coins if you answer correctly.
Simply; Watch stream and bet on different things -> if you win the bet your coins will be turned into tickets in the current raffle/giveaway. The prizes range from cases for games to gaming gear like mouses, headsets etc. to
all the way into gaming computers and other really expensive stuff. The raffles have country limitations so be sure to check if you are eligible before wasting your time and tickets!

You gain 10 coins every minute you watch a stream, this caps at 5000 and you have to waste the amount on bets to get more, you can buy larger coin gap and faster coin rate.
Every bet you make rewards you with 2x tickets if you win, so if you bet 100 coins and win you get 200 tickets that are entered into the current giveaway.
There is no limitation how many coins you bet, so if you are confident in your bet and there’s a good price go all in!
It might still be good idea to diversify and place small bets on all the streams since you are guaranteed to get a case that gives you goodies.
They also have a cryptocurrency called TFuel that you can use to buy things like Steam keys, gaming gear and price reductions on products. 
TFuel is gained by watching their sponsored streams, you gain certain amount per minute like with the regular coins. They have a 24/7 channel that you can watch for passive money.

So they give me skins for a game i don’t play or care about?
Yes, some of the prizes and cases give you skins for games like CS:GO and others, you don’t actually have to play or understand the game at all, 
just check one of the multiple skin selling and trading websites to sell those away. This requires steam account if i understand correctly.

They offer a FAQ and Submit a request form. Little bit lacking at times.

Referral system
You get different prices by referring the site to your friends, first one is a crate for you and your friend, after that the next milestone 100+ refs and so on.
Use mine if you wish

Seems like easy and free place to test your luck, eventually you will win something and at least make pennies on the skins you gain.
Little bit calculating told me that 5k coins takes 8 hours of watching a stream, so even if you just AFK a day having the stream muted on the background
you can still flip a coin and bet 5k coins and upon winning get 10k tickets. 
Cases often reward you with loads of coins, after using the site for a day and have never run out of coins, i am always able to bet when i want to. 
I added this site to my faucet rotation, just go over it and collect my cases from earlier bets and enter into everything i can.
The 24/7 stream seems like a easy way to gain some passive income!

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