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What is Push.house?
Push.house is a Slovakia based advertising network, this network provides push notification formats, and accepts the commission methods of Cost Per Lead (CPL) & Revenue share. Push.house is divided into two (2) parts, namely Push.house (for Advertisers), and Partners.house (for Webmasters ie Publishers).


Push.house was launched in 2018 at Eastern Slovak town Humenne, before completing 3 years in business, it becomes an international push notification advertising company, covering 180+ countries from all regions of the world. According to the internal source of Push.house, this network daily receive more than 12 billion impressions and 26 million clicks from different regions of the world.

To start with Push.house, users have to join either as Advertisers (by registration at Push.house), or as Publishers (by registration at Partners.house).Advertiser: – Registration processes of advertiser are directly completed at the “Push.house” website, users need to simply go with “sign-up” process and fill up the advertiser registration.

Publisher: – Registration processes of publishers are not completed at Push.house, a publisher has to register at “Partners.house” either directly, or by redirecting link from Push.house, where redirection is approved by clicking the ‘webmaster’ button from the sign-up window of Push.house.

At both registrations, a user is only asked to provide name & email, and the password for creation of the account; information for social connections like Skype, Telegram and ICQ are available as optional for users in the registration process.


Advertiser – To start as advertiser, users have to create a campaign there, in a customized manner by determining daily budget, choosing device type, fixing the format value and selecting the geolocation. The account manager will moderate the advert for approval or rejection. If the ad is rejected, then the advertiser have to create another campaign; if the ad is approved, then the dashboard will provide real-time tracking results on Impression / clicks, spending, CTR etc.

Publisher – To start as publisher, users have to add their website to the network’s system; the site will be moderated to check if it has restricted contents of=r links to such contents, if it has real traffic or bot/fake traffic etc. Publishers are allowed to install the advert script & code at the root of the approved website and monetize it. Under CPL Method, the system redeems the lead rates and automatically credits it to publishers. Under RevShare method, publishers earn 90% of the ad revenue.

This network has conditions to use its service, there are some restrictions such as promoting hatred of any type, harassing any person, promoting adult materials, using unauthorized or copyright material, personal information or photographs without consent of any person, collecting information from underage, promoting illegal activities or spamming. Any site having such contents or links to such materials is restricted.


Affiliate : This Network also has a referral program where uplines earn 3% commission on the referrals’ earnings.

Language : There is no restriction on language of the website, this network supports Russian and English as Primary languages and publisher’s websites depends on advertiser’s campaign only. This helps people with different lingual background, to monetize their websites’ traffic.

Support : This network provides 24/7 live support to both Advertisers and Publishers.

Legal : The laws of Armenia govern this network; legal disputes also come under Armenian courts’ jurisdiction.

Multiple payment gateways like VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, QIWI, AdvCash, PerfectMoney, WebMoney, Payeer, ePayments and Bitcoin are accepted to pay for advertising and withdraw. Publishers are paid weekly, minimum withdraw is $50.

Official thread on BMF for support.

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