Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker App Review

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Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker is a simple clicker style game where players earn virtual money by simply clicking or swiping their phone screen. Make even money by investing your earned money by starting different business or companies e.g Tesla Factory, Game Station Company, Circus, Fruit Factory etc and watch your money as it quickly grows to the millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions and beyond. You can also increase your earnings by purchasing power ups, you also get rewarded for inviting your friends and connecting the app with your Facebook account.
It is important to note that all earnings in this app is fake/virtual which means you are not going to be able to cashout any of your earnings.

Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker was created by Veewo Games and it is currently available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from device respective appstores. The game as been downloaded more than one million times and currently rated over four stars on both appstores. One unique feature of the game is that on like other clicker style games, players can also earn their virtual money offline.


  1. A fun and quite addictive game.
  2. The game is quite lightweight, the downloadable apk is just about 15MB in size.
  3. Useful for allowing kids to pass time and also teach them about investment.
  4. Safe way of teaching children about investment since they actually don’t loss anything since it all virtual and it really easy to make earnings
  5. Challenge your friends by connecting the app with your Facebook account and see who can click and earn more cash.
  6. It is available for both Android and iOS.
  7. Also earn virtual money offline from your powerful magic ball.


  1. It is quite addictive making it a huge battery drainer.
  2. All earnings are virtual and you won’t be paid anything in real life, making the game a huge waste of time for someone who is considering making some quick buck online.
  3. Contains too much ads that can be quite annoying. This really affect gameplay experience.
  4. It crashes on some devices. I wasn’t able to get it to run on an old device running Android 6.0.

Personally i think it quite a fun little game someone can use in passing time if you are in a long ride/flight but it would have been perfect if the devs gave a little bit of real reward e.g Cash, Cryptocurrency or Giftcards.
What do you think about this app?

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  1. I love the games that teach you how to be a tycoon or a city developer, or other (simulated) business knowledge, BUT, when the advertisements ruin the player’s experience, like: improper (greedy) intervals, lack of ad rewards, scripts causing interference or glitch, it’s a big loss.

    People will search for other options. There are too many ads and glitches. Example: One game I have been playing for a while is a great teaching game, but recently they added banners to the top that run non stop. This was a huge mistake. I no longer log in daily. Previously I would play at least twice a day.

    One pro to this game is you do not have to connect with Facebook, however, if you read the fine print, you will see there are all sorts of ways for them to share your info over to China and other interested parties, a lot of info! Read the terms and customize as much as you can, see this:

    it the best you can – and this goes for most apps.


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