Make money filling out surveys App Review: SCAM or PAYING?

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Gananci is an app by VoteChimp that pays users for completing surveys and participating in polls. Votechimp is a Canadian based company that focuses on conducting surveys/market research for companies and research agencies. Ganachi appears to be one of the medium Votechimp use in conducting their studies. Ganachi is currently available for Android only. It has over 500,000 downloads on Google playstore and is rated 4.7 star with over 20 thousand reviews.

How To Earn With Ganachi 
According to reports from users, after signing up for the app, you will start receiving polls, you are expected to choose a response as it best applies to you. Sometimes you will be redirected to external survey website to take surveys. Survey and poll usually take between 3-15 minutes to answer. After you have successfully answered a poll/survey, you will be rewarded with cash which can be withdrawn after reaching the minimum threshold of $10 via Amazon Coupon or PayPal. It is important to note that quantity of polls/surveys and reward for completing them varies depending on your geolocation.

Payout Method: PayPal, Amazon Coupon and VISA giftcards.
Minimum Payout Threshold: $10 via Amazon Coupon or PayPal.

What Ganachi Claim To Offer

  1. Guaranteed weekly surveys: What this basically means is that you are assured at least one survey a week. Although quantity of surveys might vary depending on your location.
  2. 24 Hours Cashout Period: According to the devs, all payments are processed within 24hrs after requesting.
  3. No registration of personal information.
  4. No hidden withdrawal fee.

Is Ganachi Legit?
While what Ganachi offers isn’t in anyway unique, there are reasons to believe that currently it just a waste of time and should be ignored.

  1. Doesn’t Actually Pay: Going through user reviews one will see that there are alot of users who are complaining about the fact that they are not able to cashout after reaching the minimum cashout limit, when trying to cashout the app just redirect them to the invite friend section. Currently the devs are yet to respond to this issue.
  2. No Payout Proofs: Am not sure if this app use to pay in the past, but as of recent time they haven’t been any payout proof from any user which seem to support the point that most users are unable to cashout after reaching minimum cashout limit.
  3. High cashout limit: The $10 seem a bit high and might take a while to accumulate if one is not getting polls/surveys regularly.

Final Note
Personally I wasn’t able to confirm if the app is actually paying or not cause i am yet to receive any survey or poll. Will just advice anyone wishing to try the app to look for a better alternative.

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