Make Money Egg App Review – SCAM or LEGIT?

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Make Money Egg is a scam clicker style game that claim to reward users $5 via PayPal for every 10,000 clicks. The app was developed by OnenDroid the same developer of Easy Money Maker (which also appears to be a scam). Currently the app is only available for Android and as been downloaded over 50,000 times with a poor rating of 2.4 on Google playstore.

Closer Look At The App
The app looks really basic with an unprofessional design. It’s just a simple screen with a blue background and a picture of a big golden egg in the center which users have to click on. There is also a 10,000 digit counter on the top, this counter reduces when the egg is clicked. Once you’ve clicked up to 10,000 times and the counter gets to zero, the egg will break and you will get a dialog asking you to enter your PayPal ID. The dialog also states that you will get your payment between 3-5 business days. Although in the app’s description the devs also claim that all payment are manually checked and processed so payment might take up to a week but the truth is that and no payment will ever be made.

Make Money Egg Is A Total SCAM
Here are some reasons why I think nobody should bother wasting time on this app

  1. Bad Presentation: For an app that claim to pay users $5 for every 10,000 clicks, at least one should expect a bit of professionalism. The entire app and it appstore description contain huge grammatical errors which only proves the app is SCAM which is the reason the devs didn’t bother about getting someone to properly translate their app.
  2. Bad Reputation: Going through the app’s review, one will find that it contains mostly negative reviews of users complaining about not receiving payment after successfully cashing out.
  3. Invalid Dev Email: Multiple reports from users claim that the email the dev provided is invalid.
  4. There haven’t ever been any payment proof from any user.

The app is a total scam and appears to be something created by a malicious developer in order to make a quick money from displaying ads and wasting people’s time. There are alot of similar apps like this on Google playstore, in order to avoid being a victim ensure you read app reviews and try and avoid apps that seem to offer something that looks too good to be true.

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